How To Dress To Keep Warm During Winter For Men

When the weather turns dark and cold this winter it is beneficial to ensure that you are well protected against the elements to help you stay warm and dry, within this guide we will provide some helpful tips and tricks to allow you to achieve this.

Learn To Layer

Layering up is the best way to keep warm during winter, whenever you feel cold you can simply add on an extra layer of clothing and when you feel warm you can take one off. You could carry extra pieces of clothing in a bag that you carry with you just in case during the colder months, adding extra layers of clothing instead of increasing the heating temperature in your house can save you money particularly as the cost of heating your house is so high at the moment. If you don’t already have many warm clothing options you could check out a men’s hoodie sale to allow you to get some new pieces of clothing cost-effectively. 

Thermal Clothing

Thermal clothing is better at keeping you warm than other clothing options as thermal clothing is more effective at reflecting your body heat back towards your body, this reduces the amount of body heat you lose which means that you are less likely to feel the cold as much. When it comes to thermal clothing you have plenty of options including:

  • Thermal Vests: Thermal vests are great to wear underneath your regular clothes and can make a big difference to your core temperature helping you keep warm in the colder months.
  • Thermal Trousers: You can also find thermal trousers or leggings that you can either wear on their own or underneath your regular trousers for additional warmth.
  • Thermal Hoodie: Thermal hoodies provide additional warmth compared to a traditional hoodie


You lose more body heat through your hands and feet than any other place in your body, this increases the importance of ensuring these body areas are well protected from the cold. Accessories such as thick socks, hats and gloves can make it easier for you to keep these areas nice and warm even in the middle of winter. To increase the effectiveness of these items you should opt to buy accessories that are thermally protected for extra protection against the heat. 


Sweaters are not just stylish they are also effective at keeping you warm during the winter months. You should opt to buy a sweater that is a natural colour such as black, grey, green, navy blue or brown as these colours tend to go well with almost every outfit that you are wearing. If sweaters are not your thing you could opt for a men’s full tracksuit instead to stay warm and comfortable whilst around the house.

Winter Jackets/Coats

Getting a good quality winter coat for when it gets cold during winter is nothing short of essential to help keep you warm and protected against the rain or snow that the great British weather likes to throw at us in buckets during the winter months. We recommend that you spend a bit extra on this clothing item to ensure that you get a quality coat as you will likely have the same coat for several years, getting a better quality coat can increase how long it lasts and ensure that it provides better protection against the elements.


Wrapping up this winter in quality gear can help you stay warm and try when the weather is at its most brutal.