Healthier Alternatives To Vaping and Smoking You Can Buy Online!

It can feel very difficult to quit vaping and smoking, as they both contain nicotine which is a famous ingredient for being highly addictive. We all know that vaping and smoking aren’t good for us, but quitting nicotine completely can be easier said than done. So, we’re here with some healthier alternatives to smoking and vaping, from nicopods to gums, to help you gradually reduce your intake of nicotine and to get on a positive path towards stopping completely if that’s what you want to do. Some people do need professional help to stop them vaping or smoking, but try these alternatives first and you might surprise yourself at how much they help.


First up we have nicopods, also called nicotine pouches, which are small pouches that contain nicotine and flavourings, that you place between the gum and the lip in your mouth to release nicotine. You can get different strengths of nicopods, for example Velo have extra strong and less strong options depending on how much nicotine your body is used to. If you’re currently smoking or vaping a lot, you may use the stronger ones and then gradually reduce over time.  Whilst nicopods still contain nicotine, you take out the element of inhalation to help protect your lungs. All you do is simply follow the instructions (usually suggests that you use the pouch for up to 30 minutes then remove). If you enjoy the flavours that come with vaping, then this is another benefit of using nicopods, as there are so many different options from minty to fruity, so you can also satisfy that element of the craving.

Nicotine Patches

Another healthier alternative to vaping and smoking is nicotine patches. These are another product that release nicotine and are designed to help you gradually reduce the amount of nicotine going into the body. Most patches provide around 24 hours of consistent nicotine and release a certain amount depending on the patch. This makes it really easy to reduce your intake over time, as you can start with the strong patches and then gradually reduce without you noticing too much. One of the hardest parts of quitting smoking or vaping is the craving, so this helps to reduce that element so you can focus on your will power without the physical craving.

Nicotine Gum

Lastly we have nicotine gum, which not only provides physical support by giving your body some nicotine to help you quit smoking or vaping, but it also provides a distraction that many people look for when they’re trying to quit. Many people enjoy the action of smoking or vaping, so this is a good alternative for some people as it requires chewing. Again, the main benefit is that this gum takes away the physical craving that comes with smoking or vaping, to help you concentrate on quitting in an effective and healthier way. You can get lots of different flavours of nicotine gum to help find something that you enjoy.