Handy Tips For Buying Hats For Men

Hats are an essential part of the wardrobe. They can be worn to add a touch of class, keep you warm in the cold weather, or just to look stylish. If you have been looking for a new hat but have not found one that fits your style, you can do a few things to ensure that your next purchase is perfect.

Know the head size.

If you buy a hat online and the size chart doesn’t seem to fit, it’s time to measure your head.

Measure the circumference of your head with a flexible tape measure or piece of string. Be sure to wrap the tape measure around your forehead just above where you would wear your hat, as most hats sit on your head.

If there is a difference between those measurements, go with the larger size for comfort and better sizing accuracy when it comes time to wear your new hat.

Try it on.

When shopping online, you must know what size hat you wear. The sizing can be confusing because different brands and styles have different sizes. The best way to determine your size is by trying on the hat at the store or ordering one from an online retailer with a good return policy that lets you send it back if it doesn’t fit. Make sure the hat is comfortable and fits well before buying it—you don’t want to spend your hard-earned money on something that isn’t going to work for you!

Another great way to determine which style will be best for your face shape is by trying out different types of hats in the mirror. Try several styles until you find one that complements your face shape and style preferences.

Check the quality of the felt.

The quality of the felt is important, as this is where many hats’ durability comes from. A high-quality felt will be thicker and sturdier than one made with inferior materials. The stitching should also be strong and tight, with no loose ends or thin spots that could lead to rips or tears in the future.

Look at the lining carefully; many hats have cotton linings, but some may have silk instead, which tends to make them last longer. Finally, look at the brim itself. It’s much easier for a hat to rip along its brim than anywhere else on its body because there are usually more stress points in this portion of a hat’s construction.

Shapes and styles.

When choosing a hat, there are many different shapes and styles to consider. The most common style is the fedora hat, which typically has a wide brim that curves up in front, a crown that’s often more narrow than other types of hats (like baseball caps), and a short band around the base of the crown.

A less common but classic men’s hat is called a homburg (or “hombre”). This type of hat has narrower sides than an ordinary fedora and doesn’t curve up at all on top; instead, it looks like an ordinary brimmed hat with no top curve whatsoever.

Another basic men’s hat type is called derby (or “derby”). Derby hats are rounder than other styles and have straight sides rather than curved ones. They can also come with buckles or buttons on either side instead of just one place where they rest naturally against your head.


In conclusion, buying hats for men can be a fun experience. It is important to find the right style and fit of the hat for you and your lifestyle. Hopefully, this article has helped you learn more about how to find the perfect hat for yourself or someone else!