The Rings to Request Marriage that are in Fashion

Engagement rings are one of those jewels that always remain in our memory. Therefore, it is important to get it right and find the piece that we know our partner will love. Today there is a wide variety of engagement rings to give away beyond the great classics of a lifetime. Which ones are in fashion? What engagement rings to buy? How should an engagement ring be? We offer you some suggestions so that you get your choice right and have the ‘Yes, I do’ guaranteed.

How an Engagement Ring should be: Fashion Rings

In white gold, small and discreet pieces, with geometric designs … these are some of the trends when it comes to engagement rings. We discover some of the most current models. 8 fashion designs to hit one of the most special moments for you and your partner.

Half Gold Wedding Band with Emeralds and Pink Diamonds

Emeralds have always been one of the most desired precious stones by every woman and if we combine them with a discreet design, a thin flat gold ring that combines emeralds with pink diamonds, we will have a current piece, but with the classicism that the emerald provides.

The Half Alliance in White Gold with Diamonds

Elegant and discreet, it is a classic in engagement rings but it is still in fashion. It is ideal for all those women who prefer white gold and monochrome pieces. Ideal to combine in your day to day with all kinds of looks.

A Discreetly Designed Gold Ring with Diamonds

Discreet and small jeweler is in fashion especially among younger girls. A ring with a thin hoop and a small diamond is ideal for these times. Because gold is always a success and betting on ‘Less is more’ too.

The Aquamarine Ring and Diamond Rosette

Aquamarine, thanks to its cold hue, is very suitable for this type of ring. And it is not excessively ostentatious and, at the same time, it is very elegant. If we incorporate it into a rose window we will have a classic and current piece at the same time.

A White Gold Solitaire with Suspended Diamond

A solitaire ring, the one that only has a precious stone, with a flat hoop and in white gold, is a safe bet. And it is that in recent years white has prevailed over gold as far as engagement rings are concerned.

A White Gold Diamond Ring with a Different Design

Beyond the typical hoop, geometric and asymmetrical designs are a trend. A ring with a special design can become a treasure for the woman who receives it. Bet on the different designs in these types of pieces.

A Diamond and Gold Ring Framed in a Rhombus

Gemstones framed in geometric shapes are also in fashion. They are more current designs for cosmopolitan brides. They are also ideal to combine with white gold earrings with a geometric design.

The Rosette Gold Ring with Diamonds

The rosette ring is a very elegant and glamorous piece. If we incorporate it into a flat ring we will have a very current piece. Faced with the question of an engagement ring as this model should be, it can be a good answer.

If you do not know which engagement ring to buy, bet on a ring with a modern design and adapted to the tastes of your partner. Jewels forever that will make you remember that important moment in your lives.