Men’s fashion tips: 7 fashion mistakes men should avoid making | Fashion Trends

Men’s fashion offers fewer possibilities than women’s fashion, therefore innovation is the name of the game. By experimenting with your look, you can combine numerous fashion trends and convey your uniqueness. In terms of fashion, it’s always great to be yourself, but there are a few straightforward guidelines that must be adhered to. For a male, the smallest of details such as picking the wrong tie for your body type can make or break an entire ensemble. You must pay attention to the minor blunders that men still make today if you want to appear stylish and appealing. (Also read: Men’s fashion tips: Ultimate man’s style guide to wearing shorts the right way )

In a conversation with HT Lifestyle, Aman Aggarwal, Men’s fashion stylist and influencer, suggested 7 common fashion mistakes that men should stop making.

1. Short sleeves shirt with a Tie

The tie is a part of a formal outfit and short sleeve shirt is casual. So it doesn’t make sense to wear these two items together.

2. Mismatching colors between shoes and belt

Always remember to match the color of your shoes and belt. Exception: White color shoes go with any color of the belt.

3. Wearing the wrong undershirt with your dress shirt

A visible undershirt breaks the visual line. Wear a gray color undershirt to avoid visibility. Don’t buy a white color undershirt.

4. Not ironing your clothes

Wrinkle-resistant fabrics definitely need to be ironed or pressed after they are washed for a clean and professional appearance.

5. Wearing stained clothes

Never wear stained clothes because it looks unprofessional. If possible try to remove the stain by washing the clothes in warm water.

6. Wearing socks with sandals

Sock with sandals gives a messy look. Sandals are meant to be worn with bare feet. If your feet are not parts of your body that you are comfortable showing, then avoid open-toe shoes.

7. Deep V-neck shirts

A nice O-neck and V-neck sweater or shirt are a must-have in a man’s wardrobe. However, for the past few years, there’s been this trend where the V is way too deep and leaves a massive gap between your chest which gives an untidy look and appearance. Avoid wearing these without a plain white T-shirt inside.

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