How To Master Streetwear Style

Streetwear is one of the best and most evolutionary style trends that we have seen. If we date back to the early days of street style, the 90s were one of the biggest catalysts for the surge of street style. Streetwear initially followed a similar combination of sportswear such as Nike and Air Jordan and mixed with urban fashion and culture it blossomed into something memorable.

Street style today is so much more than what we have seen in the past. It is progressive, modern, and most importantly completely unisex. Streetwear has also been one of the most recent styles of fashion that has hit the fashion week catwalks, with luxury brands diversifying themselves and even streetwear-focused brands dominating with their casual collections. There are many variations of street style from higher-end brands such as Balenciaga and Gucci, but there is still an abundance of affordable brands creating some of the most wanted styles.

If you are hoping to be a street style guru, here are some of the essentials you should have in your closet:


The new modern styles of cargo pants have hit the highstreets and everyone has been eating them up. If you are someone who can appreciate great street style, you would have probably seen someone styling a pair of cargo with a cool and noticeable outfit. In recent years the oversized style has emerged and has been the most sought-after fit of trousers. They allow for comfort and versatility and can be styled in any setting.

Printed T-Shirts

Printed t-shirts are just one of the street-style essentials that have never gone out of fashion, even since the 90s we have seen printed t-shirts follow similar trends. Printed t-shirts, much like the cargo, are best styled when they are loosely fit. If you are someone who is used to wearing tight-fitted clothing, you need to step out of your comfort zone and try something new. As long as you style the outfit correctly, you will not look like someone who rocked out of bed. There are loads of cool prints to choose from, so pick one that reflects your personality and is easily paired with other items. A lot of high-end brands produce luxury streetwear that includes their brands printed on the t-shirt, but 9/10 they are not worth the price tag.

Oversized Puffer Jacket

Jackets are a great way to express your street style, especially in the winter when it is time to start layering. The epitome of Uk street style in particular is a puffer jacket. Much like the other forms of street style, we are now seeing a range of puffer coat styles from the most luxurious brands such as Prada, and some designer brands are recognized for the puffer jacket styles like MOnclaire and Moose Knuckles. Puffer jackets do not have to break the bank, but they are a great compliment to achieving cosy street style. When the weather gets colder, it is almost the best time to show off the best street style, and layering your fit with a puffer coat is an absolute must.


Sneakers are one of the most important elements for complementing any street-style ensemble. Some might even say they are the focal point of the whole outfit. A good quality pair of sneakers can take your outfit from basic to meticulous minimalist. For example, if you pair an oversized mens hoodie and cargo trousers with a pair of Yeezy, you will be the ultimate style icon. The more out there and noticeable they ate, the better you can look.