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TVXQ FOREST: 10th Anniversary Project

TVXQ FOREST: 10th Anniversary Project

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Can you believe it? It’s going to be 10 years soon! :)

Our friends from TV2XQ PhilippinesJung Yunho PhilippinesMax Changmin Philippines are joining‘s project for TVXQ’s 10th anniversary – the TVXQ FOREST.

TVXQFOREST is a fund raising project among TVXQ(Uknow+Max) fans to build a forest to celebrate TVXQ’s 10th anniversary.

Several different types of trees are to be planted in the area, including Chinese plum trees whose leaves turn a bright red, TVXQ’s representative color. Fans organizing the event recently set up a website on Sept. 6 with the goal of raising 5 million won ($4,600) to fund the tree planting. When the trees are planted, a QR code will be installed at the entrance and feature the names of the project participants.

So far the TVXQ Forest Project fund has surpassed its fund-raising goal and collected more than 5.8 million won. The total size of the forest will depend on the total amount raised.

TV2XQ Philippines will be accepting donations from fans in the Philippines. CLICK HERE for more information.


When sending a donation, please register here so we will be able to confirm your donation. If you fail to register, your name will not be included on the donors’ list. If you directly sent your donation to the project organizer, you do not have to register on this form. Thank you.

This is a joint effort of:

TV2XQ PhilippinesJung Yunho PhilippinesMax Changmin Philippines
with HappyTreeTVXQ and





September 12th, 2013

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