If the word FUN has a taste – it was deliciously given by the cast of Cookin’ Nanta! It was a highly anticipated show and true to their words, we were full of laughter and good feels at the end! We had the opportunity to watch their first show in the Philippines last November 10, 2015 at The Theatre at Solaire Resort and Casino, and our expectations were exceeded by the awesome show.

Nanta’s story was quite simple but it was something you would not want to end so soon. The four chefs’ were tasked to finish a banquet for a wedding and there revolves the challenge to have it all done in a short span of time. Their comedic acts, real-life cooking, martial arts skills, and interactions with the audiences were all rolled-up like the yummiest Kimbap. It was simply perfect.

The stage was busy as the cast showed their acting, superb dancing, and vocal prowess as they prepare the food. The unexpected ‘witticism ‘ when the actors spoke different Tagalog words like “Manong”, “Masarap”, “Bilis” and “Halika” in between their gibberish language surely made it feel more personalized for the Filipino viewers. The famous ‘pabebe-wave’ by our local actors was also showcased by the cast which added more laughter. Some people from the VIP section were also called up to the stage to be a part of the performance – like the siomai-making competition. It wasn’t just the actors who worked on a very fun show and the 4D-like feeling which stimulated all of the senses, it was also the audience enthusiastic participation that livened it.

Cookin’ Nanta is a comic musical derived from the traditional Korean instrumental performance “Samulnori.” It has been one of the most popular shows in Korea ever since it premiered in October 1997, drawing the largest number of spectators in Korean theatre history. NANTA made its international debut in 1999 at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, where it received an award for the best performance. Since then, NANTA has shown in the U.K., Germany, Austria, Italy, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, the Netherlands, Australia, etc. Eventually NANTA made it all the way to New York, premiering at the Minetta Lane Theater (off-Broadway) on March 7, 2004 and ran for one and a half years. It was a treat for the Filipinos to be able to see one of the most renowned non-verbal shows and is definitely a must-catch!

So, if you want to spend your weekend differently with non-stop laughter, jaw-hurting smiles, and crunching-stomachs – drop by at The Theater at Solaire Resort and Casino with your friends and family! Just few more shows! It’s going to be really WORTH IT!

November 10 – 15, 2015
The Theatre at Solaire
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The COOKIN’ NANTA CAST for a brief M&G and Photo Op with the audience after their first show (November 10, 2015).

Andhie To


Andhie To

November 14th, 2015

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