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Rice Wreath for ZE:A’s 1st Major Concert in Korea

Rice Wreath for ZE:A’s 1st Major Concert in Korea

Hi Filipino ZE:A’S!

As all of you may have known already, ZE:A will be having their first Korea major concert on October 3!

To congratulate them, along with other International ZE:A fansites, ZE:A PH needs donations to accumulate enough money for the congratulatory rice wreath.

So to our co-Filipino ZE:A’S, yes we need your help for this project to be successful!

Target Amount : 5000PHP

Will you guys help ZE:A PHILIPPINES to take part in this project?


Here are the Mechanics:

STEP 1. Fill in this form and send us a message:

Contact #:
Message(20 words max):

STEP 2. The account name and number will be sent.

Payment method: Metrobank*

*we prefer to have only one payment method for this to be more organized. Don’t worry, you dont need to have a Metrobank account to send money. You just need to go to the nearest Metrobank branch and the account number and name the money shall be sent to.

STEP 3. Send us a confirmation message that you have paid by sending us a scan or photo of the deposit slip

STEP 4. Gifts for you!


So besides ZE:A Philippines getting recognized if we are to participate in this, what else is in store for you? ZE:A Albums!

If you donate, 200php to 499 php – raffle ticket to win a ZE:A JAPAN ALBUM! For every 500php – FREE ZE:A JAPAN ALBUM! Yes, an OFFICIAL ZE:A JAPAN ALBUM! ^^

BUT, ANY AMOUNT IS ACCEPTED! And we will be really thankful for it ^^

So what are you guys waiting for now, LET’S DO THIS!



*Sample photo of the rice wreath below





September 6th, 2013

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