PKCI x UKCA: #22ndFilKor Twitter Promo

PKCI x UKCA: #22ndFilKor Twitter Promo


Love Korea? Discover its beauty and culture at the upcoming 22nd Filipino-Korean Cultural Festival!

We’re giving away 200 tickets! (It’s raining tickets this week! ;)) All you have to do is follow the mechanics below:



Name Username Message
.taemint taeminplss #ILOVEKOREA bcoz I the way they eat at floortables and eat bbq’s at korean resto
■Irish Wu■ PinkPhantom09 #ILOVEKOREA because they have wondrous cultures that embodies their own quality as a KOREAN.That’s Daebak!
BEISHA iamexotic0313 #ILOVEKOREA because of the delicious foods & the scenery of korea is so refreshing to see even in pictures
Camille Fay Portento faycute02 #ILOVEKOREA because I like how Korea preserve the nature.
Carla Göb ‏ omocarla #ILOVEKOREA because I love how Koreans preserve their culture and traditions.
Cathryn Ivy Ngan ‏ caaaaaaaath #ILOVEKOREA because they gave birth to Super Junior.
Charisse Sarate :) ‏ chellowmin07 #ILOVEKOREA because of their rich culture and history and also their lots of cute Kpop idols <3
Chelsea Lyn ‏ cheyang13 #ILOVEKOREA because of their unfailing love to their history.
Chincha☆ ‏ shinncha #ILOVEKOREA because eun hyuk and ryeowook oppa lives there! I wanna meet them soon!
Edri Em. ‏ EdrianneEm #ILOVEKOREA Because I grew up with KPOP music as my INSPIRATION and my stepping stone to SUCCESS IN LIFE
Edri Em. ‏ EdrianneEm #ILOVEKOREA Their CULTURE is one of the BEST there is
Edri Em. ‏ EdrianneEm #ILOVEKOREA Because . . I JUST LOVE KOREA, no questions please :) 1 tweet would not be enough.
Ella Ella_Tricia #ILOVEKOREA  bcuz of their interesting history!! 😀
Elle ‏ BOICE_elle #ILOVEKOREA because of it’s weather and I feel that it’s like my second home.
Elle ‏ BOICE_elle #ILOVEKOREA because thinking of me going to this country makes me inspired everyday.
FannyTastic! ‏ kyungie16 #ILOVEKOREA because this is the homecountry of my inspiration in life therefore I really <3 this country
Ferlie Layson ‏ iamferlie #ILOVEKOREA b/c of the k-pop i’m crazy about k-bands,music and korean dramas too.also korean culture.
Gums ni Benben :3 ‏ TheEXOticVIP #ILOVEKOREA because its Unique. Kpop makes me love Korean Culture. I love everything about Korea ^^ <3
Jacquelou C. ‏ misscoldheartx3 #ILOVEKOREA because of the beautiful places and culture that they’ve had. :)
Jae JaeWashed #ILOVEKOREA because of it’s amazing culture yet sophisticated one.
Janelle Toring 자넬 ‏ IAmJanelleJung #ILOVEKOREA because I’m interested in their culture, clothing, music(KPOP) and etc.
Karen Mayo de Villa khaye_mayo #ILOVEKOREA bcoz of their culture, trending fashion,music&Korean series& KPop artists value their fans 8
Lee Byunghun chanfinityeol_ #ILOVEKOREA because that’s the country where my world lives, where my oppas live. And SouthKR is so clean.
Lee Eun Kyo SaraNghae_sIw0n #ILOVEKOREA because i find there my happiness , my lovely boys SUPER JUNIOR<<3333
Lheihanminnie ‏ kateleahlelis #ILOVEKOREA because my love lee SungMin oppa is from Seoul Korea !
Lovely- An Zuniga nurzluvly #ILOVEKOREA because i fell in love with the place specially jeju..
Mae(Mayang) :) ‏ francesmae_27 #ILOVEKOREA becuase super junior <3 is there and have awsome natures
Marc Rovy ‏ yvorcram #ILOVEKOREA because their love for their country is commendable. It is the root of their success as well.
marisol nazareno ‏ may_bof #ILOVEKOREA because I want to visit all may fandom like Bigbang EXO and to see personally the jeju island
Mellisa Gula ♀ ‏ yummellisa #ILOVEKOREA because i really want to go to seoul or whatever places in korea and to see my kpop idols!
Mellisa Gula ♀ ‏ yummellisa #ILOVEKOREA because i love their way of living and the korean people are fabulous. :))
michelle cayetano ‏ MJCayetano #ILOVEKOREA Because all my kpop idols are there. I love the food,dramas,fashion,beaches,and everything.
Mrs_凡夫人 iamMRSWUYIFAN #ILOVEKOREA because I find their culture very interesting. Feels like my second home
PauliANNE SHINeellyza #ILOVEKOREA because this country has always been a part of my wishlist “to be able travel around Korea”
Precious Maliao  superPeeJay #ILOVEKOREA because i love everything about this country. I love it coz im hoping i could also go there.
Princess ‏ dollygreyson #ILOVEKOREA bc my inspirations lives there, my KIdols serve as my inspiration towards fulfilling my dreams
Rianne Querubin RianneYanYan #ILOVEKOREA because koreans and filipinos are both very respectful towards family members and Elders
Rianne Querubin ‏ RianneYanYan #ILOVEKOREA because of their way of living and their culture. the country itself is beautiful.
Rianne Querubin ‏ RianneYanYan #ILOVEKOREA it was the first country that i started paying attention to aside from the philippines
Rianne Querubin ‏ RianneYanYan #ILOVEKOREA listening to korean music and watching korean films and dramas makes me happy
Ryx Cent IamRyx #ILOVEKOREA (and I blog about it) because of its interesting people and lovely culture. Food is great too!
shane^ㅅ^✌ 1002shinyoung #ILOVEKOREA because it gives me reason to pursue my dreams! ^^~
Siopao seororo1023 #ILOVEKOREA because of I am amazed how they maintained their culture even w/ rapid growth of technology
SS5 PLEASE jminho24 #ILOVEKOREA because of their different language! Although I dont understand I still want to study them.
Sushmita Asilo ‏ sushmitaasilo #ILOVEKOREA bc the culture and their tradition is the best
Vielka Adap ‏ vielka_angela #ILOVEKOREA because the culture, music and products are inevitably amazing!
Yhannie Segubiense Yhannie05 #ILOVEKOREA because of their beautiful culture’s,healthy foods and beautiful historical places..<3
Your fangirl~ ‏ JasLaurente #ILOVEKOREA because of their good kdramas which really touch the emotions of its audiences!
니 카 mayura95 #ILOVEKOREA because they have the cutest fashion, delicious foods, skilled performers and great culture.

#ILOVEPH Winners:

Name Username Message
✰shinee mushpotaeto #ILOVEPH because we are natural heroes on our own wherever whenever where we are! \o/
Arvie Acaso Tapang now_im21 #ILOVEPH because of the Filipinos strong faith and will to help others.
Camille Fay Portento faycute02 #ILOVEPH because this is a country that I want to serve after I graduate.
Cathryn Ivy Nagan caaaaaaaath #ILOVEPH because they gave us a chance to meet the artists that made a difference to our lives. #SuJu
Celina Manalo ‏null yurikwon024 #ILOVEPH because of our culture, and the “smiles” of every Filipino in every situation <3 <3
Charisse Sarate chellowmin07 #ILOVEPH coz Filipinos are very resilient despite of the problems we encounter and we are faithful.
Charisse Sarate chellowmin07 #ILOVEPH because Filipinos are talented and many of us have made it big, internationally.
Charisse Sarate :) chellowmin07 #ILOVEPH because Filipinos still practice our traditions in this modern times.
Darl Ferrer♥ ‏null ryudadesu #ILOVEPH because, we, Filipinos are all humorous and still smiling in spite of the problems we encouter~”
Darl Ferrer♥ ‏null ryudadesu #ILOVEPH kasi tayo lang at wala ng iba pa ang may 1,107 islands at mahigit 120 hangang 175 na languages!
Darl Ferrer♥ ‏null ryudadesu #ILOVEPH kasi kahit mahilig ako sa KPop pinagmamalaki ko na isa akong PINOY!Sa isip, sa puso at sa gawa. –
Edri Em. EdrianneEm #ILOVEPH Because in spite of different cultures and races, PH will remain HOSPITABLE and will SMILE
Edri Em. EdrianneEm #ILOVEPH Because we are the 1 of the HAPPIEST people inspite of difficulties and calamities


#ILOVEPH Cuz no matter how hardships come in our life. We face it with a smile :))
Emma Denisse ♡ byuntaEMMA #ILOVEPH because of the hospitality of the people
Ericka ♡ ericka_maquera #ILOVEPH simply because of it’s natural resources and it’s natural beauty! I love PH! #ProudPinayOverHere
Eula Marie shyelf_12 #ILOVEPH because it’s home to the most talented, warm and fun-loving people
Giovanni ‏null MiniMallows #ILOVEPH because this is where I grew up & this is where I embraced my culture & my life as a Filipino!~
insanely 짱 insanely 짱 #ILOVEPH because hospitality at it’s best!
Irish Alcantara PinkPhantom09 #ILOVEPH cuz I embrace the culture that’s within my blood, the pure & holistic culture I’m really proud of
Jae ‏null JaeWashed #ILOVEPH because we really demolish the barriers with every nation.
jeymee hong mhengzhie #ILOVEPH bec. of the beautiful customs and traditions passed by generation to generation…
Joanne Kash ❀❁❥✿☟ jprityglam #ILOVEPH because of Filipino close family ties, Filipino food and it is more fun in the Philippines …
Joycemirandilla jujjoyce #ilovePH because even if people experiences a tough time, they still have time to laugh and enjoy life.!~
Lee Byunghun✨ ‏null chanfinityeol_ #ILOVEPH because the citizens here are kind enough to held a KPOP concert, and there are no sasaeng fans.
LoveOnTOP SarangOnTOP #ILOVEPH because whatever happens good or bad we still see a brighter future. The smiling faces Filipinos.
maknae _princeyeol #ILOVEPH because it’ more fun to watch kpop concerts here in the Philippines! :)
Mellisa Gula ♀null  yummellisa #ILOVEPH because no matter what calamities we, Filipinos are always united to help one another.
Mhica Ferrer (Soo) ‏null mhicapikachuu #ILOVEPH because Filipinos are creative and resourceful! Dito ka lang makakita ng bubong na may gulong:)
Mhica Ferrer (Soo) ‏null mhicapikachuu #ILOVEPH ‘coz dis is the place where I belong & there’s nowhere better, no other place like Philippines!
Mrs_凡夫人 iamMRSWUYIFAN #ILOVEPH because Filipinos know how to smile despite the obstacles they’re facing :)
PauliANNE SHINeellyza #ILOVEPH because filipinos are the best examples of those people who doesn’t give up that easily :)
PauliANNE SHINeellyza #ILOVEPH because it is a country where everyone smiles despite of all the problems and challenges.
Paulo Agpaoa Young PaoPaoAgpaoa #ILOVEPH This Is Where I From! #ProudToBePango!
Precious Maliao superPeeJay #ILOVEPH because this is the place where i found myself, a true-blooded Filipino! And i’m proud of it! :))
Princess dollygreyson #ILOVEPH because this is a country I belong to and I’m a proud PINAY <3.
Quennae Mae Carino


#ILOVEPH because there is something in the phillippines that makes people feel at home.
Rianne Querubin RianneYanYan #ILOVEPH We filipinos are one of the most friendly people on earth. maybe not all, but most of us are. ❤️
Rianne Querubin RianneYanYan #ILOVEPH Mapagmahal kaming mga pinoy, salat man sa ginhawa ang iba, pero patuloy parin silang nakatawa
Rianne Querubin RianneYanYan #ILOVEPH we may not be the richest country, but we are one of the most beautiful countries there is.
Rianne Querubin RianneYanYan #ILOVEPH we always face each day with a positive attitude and a smile on our faces
saLbei xohappyvirus #ILOVEPH because filipinos hospitality is beyond compare to the rest of the world.
shane^ㅅ^✌ 1002shinyoung #ILOVEPH because Pinoys are world-class :)
SS5 PLEASE jminho24 #ILOVEPH because I’m Proud Pinoy and I Filipino’s always smile even if they encounter lot of problems.
Toni Mendoza ToniMendoza16 #ILOVEPH because it is my home country and it is also beautiful! :) <3
Yhannie Segubiense Yhannie05 #ILOVEPH because many filipino loves korean..and has many beautiful natural resources.
황재숙 ‏null PH_Promotion #ILOVEPH Because of their warm hospitality and their sinigang is yummy! and i love dried mangoes too!
팅거벨 hoycoleen #ILOVEPH because this is the best place for me and I belong here. Great Views and People! it’s all here:)

Congratulations! :)

To claim your tickets, look for Bryan (09166890475) at the venue lobby between 1PM-2PM tomorrow.






October 22nd, 2013

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