Korean boygroup OFFROAD ended their month-long stay in the Philippines with a mini-concert held last October 27, 2016 at the Teatrino, Promenade, Greenhills, San Juan City.
A two-hour long mini concert, OFFROAD: Horizon, the First Mini-Concert in Manila, was OFFROAD’s way of thanking their Filipino fans for their hospitality and warm welcome after a whirlwind of fan meetings, TV guesting and promotions.
Energies skyrocketed as OFFROAD started the night with their energetic performance of their debut song, Bebop, followed by their 2013 single Headbanging, produced by Block B’s Zico.
OFFROAD set the stage on fire with their cover versions of Fantastic Baby and Sober by Bigbang, Beautiful Night by Beast, and Love in the Ice by TVXQ.
OFFROAD’s sub-units stages showcased their remarkable teamwork and group rapport.
OHNOBRO, composed of members Kino and Rio, impressed the fans with their easy-going and carefree harmony with Magic Wand. Meanwhile Daewon, Harang, and Habin of OFFROAD-B showed off their superb vocal blending.
But OFFROAD is not just good together, they proved that they are quite talented individually as they fascinated the fans with their solo stages.
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Habin started with a cover of Justin Bieber’s 2012 hit song As Long as You Love Me, followed by Kino, the group rapper, with his own energetic rendition of Trash. Daewon, the team leader, proved that he also had the groove and talent as he sang and danced to Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson featuring Bruno Mars.
The fans were delighted with the chance to get to know more about their idols as OFFROAD played the ‘Image Game’ and ‘Rock, Paper, Scisccors’ with their PH fans.
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During the Image Game, Daewon was picked as the one with the most number of girlfriends/relationships, while Harang was the bad boy type with his constant nagging attitude and Habin as the most romantic as he knew how to impress girls and his aegyo, which he gladly showed the audience as well.
The audience also played Rock Paper Scissors with Rio and were gifted with autographed shirts from the OFFROAD boys.
PH fans were the lucky ones to be the first audience of OFFROAD’s new music video for their newest single ‘Cry’. The music video was shot entirely in the iconic and scenic spots in Manila.
As part of their thank you to Filipino fans, OFFROAD showed their impressive rendition of Filipino artist James Reid’s Huwag Ka Nang Humirit. They also delighted the fans with their learned Filipino lines.
Fans and members of OFFROAD surprised Habin, whose birthday falls on November 7th, with balloons, a birthday cake, and a video greeting from his fans in the Philippines. In addition, Offroad Philippines also gifted the boys of OFFROAD with their own video greetings and a cake as gratitude for visiting the country.
The members of OFFROAD thanked the fans for their hospitality and warm welcome during the month long stay in the Philippines. OFFROAD promised to return to the Philippine in the near future and to work hard for their new music.
As part of their encore, the boys channeled their inner girl group as they danced along Apink’s No No No complete with wigs and cute headbands. Immediately following the stage was their super energetic cover of Psy’s Gangnam Style.
As the fans shouted “Kajima!” (Don’t Go!) repeatedly for they were not ready to let go, the boys returned to the stage with an encore of their single, Headbanging, delighting the fans with warm fan service before leaving.
The night ended with a reserved meet and greet with photo-op for the VIP ticket holders.
OFFROAD greeted the Filipino fans early in October with a series of fan-meetings, mall shows, TV guestings and event appearances. OFFROAD: Horizon First Mini Concert in Manila, which concluded their month-long stay in the Philippines, was made possible by ShowBT Philippines.


Andhie To


Andhie To

November 3rd, 2016

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