#NICHKHUNLovesBENCH Press Conference Transcript

#NICHKHUNLovesBENCH Press Conference Transcript

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A day before meeting his fans through #GlobalBenchsetter’s Fun Meet, 2PM’s Nickhun shared his experiences in the Korean industry, his personal style, and what he most looks forward to in his visits to the Philippines.


(Omit some parts)

Nick: Every country has their own different culture and traditions but, I mean Thailand and Philippines are really close. Too bad I’m not here very often… the ladies here are pretty. :)

Host: Filipinas are known worldwide as gorgeous.

Nick: And I heard there are a lot beautiful beaches here in the Philippines so one day I will go.

Host: You must! Is it in your bucket list?

Nick: Yes it is.


Host: You’re born in the States and you grew up in Thailand and now you’re very popular, a very active in Korea. Was your English always excellent? How was your time in Korea?

Nick: You know actually before I went to Korea I was more comfortable in speaking English and you know my Thai is getting a little bit rusty but now that I’m in Korea. My Korean has become pretty good but I cannot speak in a business level. My English is turning weird though and my Thai is turning weird and you know I can’t speak one language properly. 😀

Host: You’re English is excellent though.

Nick: Well a lot of people say I speak Korean-English, I know my accent.

Host: I think they wish they speak Korean-English just like you.

Nick: Oh thank you!

Host: So how many languages do you speak now, you have now 3.

Nick: Yes I can speak in 3 languages and I’m learning Chinese and Japanese.

Host: Wow, really interesting.

Nick: It’s hard. It’s very confusing.


(They speak in Korean. Omit some parts)


nickhun bench fun meet presscon pkci 2Host: You know you’re part of a band named 2PM, very popular in Korea and also in Asia and parts of the world. I heard that you trained really hard to get in and the training is continuous, can you tell us more about that experience?

Nick: When I was casted in LA and I came to Korea in 2006. I saw the training. I was really bad at everything and it was never my trip to become any type of entertainer or come.

Host: What was your dream then? I mean if you were not really into that.

Nick: A chef? Or some type of a designer – an interior designer.

Host: You’re like the perfect guy, you sing you dance you’re handsome, you’re tall, I mean you’re a trendsetter and you cook. Anything wrong with you?

Nick: I don’t cook yet.

Host: But you would have liked to if ever you pursue this career.

Nick: I wanted to learn but I will learn to eventually how to cook.


Host: From singing and dancing, which you enjoy the most?

Nick: Dancing, singing too. Acting as well, modeling… I enjoy everything now that I’m here. I’m enjoying everything.

Host: How is your fashion? You’ve got a simple style and we adore you for that. Can you describe what your personal style is?

Nickhun: My personal style is you know simple clean appropriate and to the occasion and you know just very “Bench”. I’m not saying this because I’m the endorser but Bench is really me in a way. Bench is not flashy. Bench is something that normal people can wear not just not just like people who want to be mayor. So that was I’m so thankful and grateful to be a part of Bench it is really me and I want to wear in my normal life.


Host: Alright! A lot of ladies out here are wondering what was lady you like? I mean to catch your attention, what would you imagined her to be wearing?

Nick: Something simple too, not to predictable. I guest t-shirt, jeans, it’s too hot here but I find uggs very cute in girls.

Host: You know Korean boy bands, Korean artist hairstyle are usually wild. It’s very interesting and you’v got a style that looks very comfortable but very edgy. It’s very stylish. Can you share with us some tips on how you fix your hair? For some of the gentleman here.

Nick: Do I fix my hair? I have my very good stylist, my very talented stylist who does my hair for me because when I have my off days I’m just too lazy just wash my hair lol.

Host: We thought you kind of wake up like that.

Nick: I wish!


nickhun bench fun meet presscon pkciHost: You’ve had experience being a endorser as part of 2PM. We know you promote a lot of products in Korea and even China and Japan. So how it different endorsing a Filipino brand that has gone worldwide?

Nick: It was something for me to be proud of because I’m sure not a lot of artists endorse Filipino brands, right? And since I’m the chosen one for this on this top Filipino brand, I feel proud of this fact. I told my members that you know there’s this top Filipino brand that wants to use me and I’m like heck yeah~!


Host: And another great thing about your visit her is your eagerness to make donations for the victims of the earthquake that recently hit Bohol. Can you tell us more about that and what you’re plans are?

Nick: When I first heard about the earthquake, I already had plans to come here and a part of me was already here in the Philippines.When I heard about the earthquake, it really spoke me. So I really want this event to be meaningful to the Filipinos so I’d liked to make donations through this event


Host: You have developed a relationship with your Filipino fans and also your fans all over the world. Can your briefly describe to this relationship along with other local bands?

Nick: In the Philippines?

Host: Yes.

Nick: My relationship with them, since I haven’t been here a lot, I haven’t had the chance to meet them close up that’s why I’m so excited for this trip.


(Omit some parts)


Host: See she was wearing an “I love 2PM shirt”.

Nick: See that’s why I’m so excited about this trip because last time we are here is because of the concert and we really didn’t have time to meet in person. With this trip, I’m really excited because I’ve got to see them up-close and I can talk to them and I will know how they feel about us. I’m really looking forward to it.

Host: I mean we have a very shy crowd here and just to tell you that there was a super typhoon that is hitting the Philippines right now as we speak and for everyone to be here this afternoon is a sign of their support to you and their love for you. Do you believe that?

Nick: I do believe that and I want to thank you all for being here and I really hope that this typhoon is just going to pass by without any damage because it’s just heartbreaking to be a victim of something like that. So I really hope all your family and friends are safe with this disaster and I hope all the people in the Philippines are safe. Those of you, I hope you stay strong keep your hopes up never give up I’m sure that when everything clears up, everything will back to normal or better.


Host: We can’t wait for your next visit. So you need to tell us, do you have plans already for your next visit in Manila?

Nick: Bench? Bench?

Host: Call the responsible people!

Nick: Mr. Ben, when will you call me again? Whenever he calls, I’ll go.

Host: Really? Hopefully next year you will be back here and join us to a couple of events. 2PM too! No plans of having a concert here again?

Nick: Not this year, maybe next year. We’ll see. We’re planning on it.

Host: Okay, we’re looking forward to that. Have a safe trip going, thank you coming this late afternoon.

Nick: Thank you very much.



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November 9th, 2013

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