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Nichkhun Loves Bench #ThrowbackThursday

Nichkhun Loves Bench #ThrowbackThursday


Written by Jesmah from 2oneday Philippines

Local Philippine brand apparel, Bench, has added Nichkhun to their growing list of global benchsetters. Being the only Thai member from South Korean idol group,2PM, Nichkhun is the 4th Korean Star to visit the country and meet fans. On the 9th of November 2013, a “Bench Fun Meet” was held at Trinoma and SM Mall of Asia.

Fans eager to see Nichkhun dubbed as the “Thai Prince” in Korea, went to the mall as early as before opening hours. Once the doors were opened, they all rushed inside and lined up immediately at the event venue. The Bench Fun Meet started first in Trinoma at around 3:30 in the afternoon. Before the program begun, MC Kat Alano taught the fans basic Thai words like “Sawadee” (Hello), “Kob Khun” (Thank You), and “Chan Rak Khun” (I Love You). The fans went wild when Nichkhun finally appeared and graced the stage. The MC asked the audience to tell Nichkhun the Thai phrases learned earlier and he replied in Filipino saying, “Mabuhay”, “Salamat”, and “Mahal Kita”. Nichkhun even raised both of his arms in a heart shape and circled around to the delight of fans.

A short talk came next and Nichkhun explained that his name means “goodness” in Thai. The MC then surprised everyone saying that Nichkhun has tried eating Philippine local delicacy “balut”. The program continued by having a Q&A game with selected fans. Questions like which country was Nichkhun born, what Kpop group does he belong to, and what is his surname were asked. After the game, the lucky fans were able to get a group photo with him. The program continued with the autograph signing for the Meet & Greet winners. The entire event was a success and Nichkhun expressed his happiness at the warm welcome of Filipino fans.


After the event, some fans were asked to describe their experience. Their responses were:

“I waited for 5 hours in the line to be the first one in the front. They raffled people for the meet and greet but sadly I wasn’t that lucky, but it’s okay the important thing is to see Khun and be able to go inside.”

“It was a very memorable experience for me. It was a dream come true. I waited for 2 hours to fall in line, just to see Nichkhun. Even though the fun meet took only about an hour, it made me feel happy, tears of joy and excitement to see him.”

“I was one of the 3 lucky girls (in the game) and it was really the happiest moment ever. I hope everyone had fun~”

“I had fun spazzing with my fellow Hottests that I lost track of the time. I got a chance to have the Meet and Greet pass and sit at the front row and meet Nichkhun face-to-face, hold his hands, and got an autograph of him!”

We’ve waited for almost a month since Bench has confirmed Nichkhun’s Funmeet. During their concert last March 2, 2013, he promised to be back and he did. As the Head Admin of Hottest Society, we started preparing projects with 2OneDayPH and 2PMPH. We made fan arts and even printed calendars to be given as freebies.

I was one of the lucky fans to be part of the Meet & Greet session. Nichkhun was all smile when he saw me wearing angel wings. “You’re an angel”, he said. It took me a few seconds to tell him “You’re an angel, too.”. It was one of the most memorable experience in my years as a Hottest and a Khun-stan.




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November 21st, 2013

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