#KpopRepublic InstaTweet PROMO

#KpopRepublic InstaTweet PROMO

KpopRepublic InstaTweet PROMO

Be one of FOUR (4) lucky winners to win tickets to the concert! Bring out your cheering goods, wear your fan shirt and show us just how ready you are!



  1. Follow us on twitter, facebook, and instagram
  2. Take a photo of yourself in all-out #kpoprepublic concert cheering attire with your instagram username
  3. Upload it on instagram, tag @philkpopcomm + reason why you should win + #kpop #kpoprepublic (feel free to add additional hashtags)

eg. @philkpopcomm kk Lightstick, check! Fanshirt, check! SHINee accessories, check! I’m definitely all set for #kpoprepublic! #kpop #shinee #exo #dalshabet #manila



  1. Follow us on twitter, facebook, and instagram
  2. Tweet the ff: @kpopconph + reason to win + #kpoprepublic +

eg. @kpopconph I’m their biggest fan, pick mee!! #kpoprepublic


We’ll announce two (2) instagram and two (2) twitter winners on FRIDAY Sept 6, 8PM at PKCI.ORG! Stay tuned! Goodluck everyone!^^


#KpopRepublic InstaTweet PROMO WINNERS:



kpop republic winner 1

Winner #1: @ailievitto

@philkpopcomm i wanna win because i’ve been a big fan of SHINee, they become my inspiration and stress reliever, i’ve been waiting to see them for almost 5 years and this is a great opportunity. i’m all set for the kpop republic but unfortunately i dont have a ticket :( that’s why i’m hoping that i will win. please let me win, this is a dream come true for me seeing my idols, attending their concert and cheering for them. Seeing them perform right infront of my eyes is really something that i cant forget for the rest of my life, that day will be one of my happiest day. please let me win. thank you so much for this. #kpop #kpoprepublic #SHINeeshirt #earings #banner #idlace #SHINeenametag #brightsmile #excitement #hopingtowin


kpop republic winner 1

Winner #2: @majingki

@philkpopcomm I deserve to win tickets for Kpop Republic because this concert is hitting two birds with one stone for a SHINee and EXO fan like me! Seeing them live would also come off as a reward as as I survived my first term of this year so I hope I win :’) ♥#kpop #kpoprepublic



Winner #1: @chanie_irish

“@kpopconph Pick meeeee because i want to see EXO K growl & awooooo live & cheer for Chanyeol<3 #kpoprepublic 1345 ♡♡♡”

Winner #2: @BlueMarilynV

“@kpopconph calling all darlings!! I want to win this for dalshabet and darlings! #kpoprepublic”


Congratulations! We will PM you in a while for further instructions.

Thank you to everyone who joined! Until the next contest! ^^v







September 4th, 2013

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