[#KPOPCON7] Kpop Singing Star 2015 (OST version)

[#KPOPCON7] Kpop Singing Star 2015 (OST version)

Are you ready to belt it out on the K-pop Con stage? This time, we’re doing an OST version so pick-out your favorite K-drama or K-movie song for your audition piece!


(All necessary information are here. Please read thoroughly. Anyone from the Philippines who will attend the event can join the competition.)


1. The singing contest is open to male and female individuals or groups consisting of up to four members. They may be made up of all males or females or a combination of males and females.

2. Shoot a video of your audition piece.

– Start with a short introduction or a welcome message (30 seconds max)
– Only OST songs from Korean singers are allowed
– Minimum of 3 minutes, maximum of 4 minutes
– This will serve as the person’s audition video

IMPORTANT: This should be a video specifically shot for this audition. Videos from past performances will not be considered.

3. Upload your video on Youtube with the title format “[KPOPCON7] Singing Star Audition – NAME of Group or Individual” and make sure you set the privacy settings to UNLISTED.

4. Please fill up this form:

Online audition starts on November 8, 12:00 PM and ends on Dec 10, 11:59 PM.

5. Criteria for judging are as follows:

  • 40% Voice Quality
  • 40% Interpretation
  • 20% “Stage presence” and Star quality

6. The finalists will be competing and performing at the 6th Philippine Kpop Convention on December 19, 2015. The number of finalists will be dependent on the number of auditionees.


1. Finalists must be willing to go to the venue earlier for the briefing and possible rehearsal. Contestants must shoulder their own admission fees.

2. Finalists may opt to use their audition piece or perform a new song, as long as it’s still within the allotted time of 3-4 minutes. The final music must be emailed to the organizers not less than 5 days before the event.

3. Any changes in the line-up of members automatically disqualifies the group (unless one member cannot make it due to unforeseen circumstances). MEMBERS MUST BRING VALID IDs on the competition day. Performances beyond 5 minutes also automatically disqualify the contestants.

4. Criteria for judging are as follows:

  • 40% Voice Quality
  • 35% Interpretation
  • 15% “Stage presence” and Star Quality
  • 10% Audience impact

The judges’ decision is final and cannot be appealed.

5. There will be one (1) runner up and one (1) champion for the Kpop Singing Star 2015.

PRIZES FOR THE WINNERS WILL BE ANNOUNCED SOON. Furthermore, the opening acts who will be performing in the morning will be selected from the auditionees.

PKCI Admin

November 8th, 2015

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