#KPOPCON5 Activity Booth Raffle Card

#KPOPCON5 Activity Booth Raffle Card



At the THE 5TH PHILIPPINE KPOP CONVENTION, be the first 1,000 to complete the chart and get a FREE Kpop CD, DVD, magazine, poster, or merchandise!


1. Complete the chart by accomplishing the challenge in each booth and collecting 20 stamps from our sponsors and different FCs. For clues on what the stamp activities are, check out the #KPOPCON5 FC Activities here!

2. Visit the Stamping Station/Redemption Booth located at the lobby (in front of the concert hall, beside SM Tickets) to claim your prize. Remember, only the first 1,000 will be able to collect a prize!

3. We’ll be raffling off signed copies of Kpop albums and other prizes onstage in the afternoon, so make sure you finish early! ^^


You can pick up the chart in various areas outside (Ticketing, Registration, Stamping Station, Forms) and inside (PKCI Booth). Don’t forget to also vote for the Best FC Booth at the bottom! The FC with most votes will win a special prize. :)

Good luck and enjoy the biggest Kpop fan event in the Philippines, #KPOPCON5!











December 26th, 2013

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