Kpop Kosplay Year 5

Kpop Kosplay Year 5


Dress up as your favorite Kpop idol and strut your stuff down the catwalk in front of thousands of screaming fans! Kpop Kosplay is back on its 5th year and you could be this year’s Kosplay superstar.

Oh My Gee as Girls’ Generation. Champion for group category for 2012.

Mechanics: (All necessary info are here. Please read thoroughly.  Anyone from the Philippines who will attend the event can join the competition.)

1. This contest is open to everyone, male or female, solo or group.

IMPORTANT: Only Kpop artists are allowed to be cosplayed. K-drama and K-movie characters are not, unless they are portrayed by a Kpop artist like Hoya/Eunji/Seo In Guk of Reply 1997, Kim Jaejoong of Tim Slip Dr. Jin, Lee Jungshin of The Blade and Petal, Super Junior’s characters in Attack on the Pin-Up Boys, etc.

2. Prepare a photo of the artist/group that you will be portraying (in the same costume/outfits that you’ll be wearing). This will be the basis of the judges for the finals on the “runway”. No need to send your photo wearing the said costume.

3. Participants must pre-register online to be able to join. Please fill up this form:


4. A confirmation email will be sent by the admin on near the event date (not automatically), which the participant has to print out and present at the event. This will serve as their entry form.

5. Each kosplayer will be given approximately 30 seconds for their presentation. Finalists may do a short skit or a dance number within the allotted time.

6. Costumes must not be too revealing and extreme form of fanservice deemed inappropriate for minors are prohibited. The Philippine KPOP Convention team has the right to disqualify any contestants who ignore and/or violate any of the aforementioned guidelines.

7. On the date of the event, each contestant must submit the printed out confirmation email at the registration table, to receive his/her contestant number. Contestants must be willing to go at an earlier call time before the program proper, for the rehearsals/last minute briefing, if need be.

8. Criteria for judging are as follows:

 50% Accuracy of Kpop artist/group portrayed
40% Over-all presentation and stage presence
10% Audience impact

The judges’ decision is final and cannot be appealed.

9. In any case of a tie amongst winners, kosplayers will be called back onstage and will be given another 30 seconds to do the catwalk or their skit, as the judges re-examine their get-up and presentation.

10. There will be one (1) runner up and one (1) champion for the Kpop Kosplay Year 5 SOLO category and one (1) runner up and one (1) champion for the Kpop Kosplay Year 5 GROUP category.

* You may join both the Kpop Idol Look-Alike Contest 2013 and the Kpop Kosplay year 5 competitions but should you win the Look-Alike contest, you will not be qualified to join this one anymore…
** Individuals may only join EITHER Solo or Group. Participants cannot join two categories.

Pre-registration starts on October 28, 2013 12nn and ends on December 18, 2013 8pm.


by PKCI and PULP Live World
December 28, 2013 10am-10pm
SMX Halls 1&2 (Mall of Asia)

Spice Girl

November 2nd, 2013

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