Kpop Fest 2015

It was a sweet treat for the KPOP enthusiasts who attended the KPOP FEST 2015 held at the Marriott Grand Ballroom last October 31, 2015. Participants dressed up in their cute Halloween-inspired KPOP costumes and they were able to feed their fan hearts with the available KPOP merchandise.

The Korean Cultural Center (KCC) had an informative and entertaining booth with a display of different types of Hanbok, photos of Korean actors, tourist spots, food, and instruments. Attendees also got a taste of traditional and modern Korean music and videos to learn more about Korea.

The event’s highlight was the anticipated concert of one of the most talented KPop groups, Teen Top. The Traditional Dance and Samulnori Teams from KCC performed during the Fan Meet event where fans had their photos taken with Teen Top.

The concert proper started around 8PM and the fans were ushered inside the concert hall. The stage set-up and play of lights were spectacular. There were front acts from talented Filipino singers and performances from the cover groups Exotix and Se-Eon which started to hype the crowd.

It was just Hot Like Fire when Teen Top finally set foot on stage and sang it as their opening song. They’ve performed some of their hits Ah Ah, Missing, Clap, Miss Right, To You and Rocking, then their song Angel just for their ANGEL. Kudos to Teen Top’s skilled footwork and their energy didn’t even deflate up until their encore performance. They even tried their best to greet and introduced themselves in Tagalog – which always delights a fan’s heart!

The special moments from the boys were priceless. Niel and Chunji’s powerful voices captivated everyone while Changjo’s smooth dance moves were a treat. CAP and L.Joe were effortlessly charismatic with their slick moves and Ricky’s “fan services” were a real delight. The fans sang Happy Birthday to CAP and in line with the Halloween spirit, they dressed Changjo into a vampire costume after losing a game. The boys also enjoyed showering candies to the fans and making cute poses for the cameras.

Celebrating Halloween in a KPop event was definitely not a TRICK but a TREAT for the KPop lovers. It was a day to remember for the ANGELs and definitely for Teen Top’s first visit in the Philippines.

Thank you Media Sync Productions for inviting us. We are looking forward to a fruitful partnership with you in the future!

Enjoy browsing on the pictures below!

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November 7th, 2015

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