2015 Korea Joa

#KoreaJoa2015 Day 1: Welcome Dinner x Introductions

#KoreaJoa2015 Day 1: Welcome Dinner x Introductions

After several months of preparation, the long-awaited start of KOFICE’s 1st Korea Joa Project has come! On September 30th, 15 media outlet representatives from 9 different countries gathered at The Ritz Carlton in Seoul, South Korea for the project’s official welcome dinner and orientation.


We were welcomed by the lovely staff of the Korea Foundation for International Culture Exchange (KOFICE) at the The Ritz’s Kumkang Room. It was wonderful to finally meet the staff behind Korea Joa^^


The night began with an introduction and orientation about KOFICE and their new project. Representatives were also asked to say hello and make a quick introduction about ourselves.


This was followed by Director General Kim DeokJung’s welcoming speech, wherein he talked about how online platforms and social media are crucial in further spreading the love of Hallyu Wave and Korean culture around the world.


Hangul Celluloid‘s Paul Quinn also made a short speech, and a toast to the 1st Korea Joa Project. This officially marked the start of our 10-day immersion in everything Korean!

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Dinner commenced, and everyone enjoyed the exquisite dishes by The Ritz^^ 

With Director Kim DeokJung before the night ended ^^

pkcikjd1-03And that’s it for Day 1 ^^ Stay tuned for our upcoming BIFF post! 😀

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October 7th, 2015

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