#KpopRepublic 2013 Press Conference Transcript

#KpopRepublic 2013 Press Conference Transcript


Crispi Crunch & Soomin of April Kiss. Photo by Celine of PKCI.ORG.

No heavy downpour can stop the fans from the chance to get up close and personal with their favorite K-pop stars who just recently brought the house down at the KPOP REPUBLIC 2013. In a very intimate set-up, media and fans gathered for the event’s press & media conference, just hours before the concert.  Let’s check out snippets from Crispi Crunch and Soomin of April Kiss, and full press conference interviews of Dal Shabet, EXO-K and SHINee.

First time performing in the Philippines are Crispi Crunch featuring Soomin of April Kiss. If you’re looking for music to keep you pumped up, Csp and Cheezy are here to deliver the hippest electro and hiphop Korean music. Fans couldn’t stop themselves from going “ooh” and “aah” with the surprising answers especially from Cheezy. Referring to a local Filipino drink, everyone was expecting San Miguel, but the duo knew about Red Horse. They are also game to eat “balut” through a witty way of eating it- dividing the parts by themselves. We wonder how you’ll get this done? The group will be staying for a couple of days. If you guys have any news about their schedule here in Manila, hit us up!  Giving them a “Thumbs Up!” because they most definitely deserve it.




Dal Shabet. Photo by Celine of PKCI.ORG.


Filipino Darlings finally met their sweet ladies- Serri, Ah Young, Ji Yul, Woo Hee, Ga Eun and Subin. Coming in little black dresses, the girls looked very elegant and showed their playful side with their hearty laughter and quick demonstration of their skirt-short dance routine. Here’s what they talked about!


Host: It’s your first time in the Philippines, how do you find it so far?

Ji Yul: This is our 2nd visit to the Philippines. We were in Cebu to take pictures. All of our members were so inspired because Philippines was so wonderful- nice weather, kind people and delicious food, etc.

Ga Eun: Please let me go there (to Cebu). I like Cebu’s earth nature, so I want to go.

Host: You guys are really good in English!

Ji Yul: A little bit! Thank you for inviting us. Salamat!

Host: The Philippines is known for tourists spots. If given a longer chance to stay here, which tourist spots would you like to visit first?

Ji Yul: I have two Filipino friends. They told me you have to go to Farmers’ Market, Cubao-

Host: -Cubao is really near here actually!

Ji Yul: Yeah? They said if you go to Farmers’Market, you can feel the Philippines. Is that right? My friend is wrong? Sorry. His name is Ken. Ken, are you here? (laughs)

Host: Have you been to Boracay or Palawan? How was it?

Ga Eun: I love Boracay!

Host: Okay, thank you! From Dal Shabet’s songs, which one is your favorite and why?

Ji Yul: I like Hit U because in the music video I was shooting a gun. That was really hard.

Host: Was that a real gun?

Ji Yul: Yeah.

Host: Wow!

Ji Yul: It was really hard. Sound was so big (loud). I couldn’t hear for two days.

Host: Did you have to go for training to be able to shoot?

Ji Yul: Yes.

Subin: I like Supa Dupa Diva, from the first album. ( referring to their favorite Dal Shabet song)

Serri: I also like Hit U

Woo Hee: Mr. Bang Bang

Ga Eun: To Be or Not to Be

Host: What special preparations did you have to go through to make ‘Be Ambitious’?

Ji Yul: Maybe, our performance. Our dance is very special. Our skirt is like this (shows the audience) It was hard the first time, so during dancing and singing we would be like “Oh god!” Dancing was really hard.

Host: The routine was really hard. It looks like it, but you guys performed it so well. We’re super excited to watch you on stage tonight.

Ji Yul: Now? We can do it now! It’s so easy. (demonstrates)

Host: Being idols, do you have artists that you look up to or consider your idols?

Subin: I like Beyonce so much.

Ah Young: Dal Shabet? Sorry. (laughs)

Ji Yul: I like the Spice Girls

Serri: Britney Spears

Woo Hee: I love Rihanna

Ga Eun: I love… Dal Shabet too.

Host: Thank you so much! Last but not the least, would you like to tell any of your Philippine Darlings anything before you go?

Ji Yul: Thank you for inviting us, and thank you for loving us, Dal shabet. I love the Philippines. I don’t want to go back (t/n: She wants to stay here.) All of us want to keep in touch on SNS. Send, SNS! Yes! (laughs) Is it right? Mahal kita? Thank you! Salamat po!




EXO-K. Photo by Celine of PKCI.


Once EXO-K came out, muffled screams filled the room. There is no denying that this young group comprised of Chan Yeol, Su Ho, Se Hun, Kai,  Kyung Soo and Baek Hyun have caught the Filipinos’ hearts and fans are ready to  으르렁 with the boys.


Host: It’s your 2nd time in the Philippines, how do you feel about it?

Se Hun: The Philippines is a beautiful country, and as the 2nd time, it has become more beautiful. We felt very welcomed at the airport because there were so many fans excited to see us.

Host: If you had the chance to name your own fanclub, what would you name and it and why?

Chan Yeol: We do not have an official fanclub name yet, and we believe that the fanclub name should be named from our fans because that belongs to the fans. We are hoping to get more fanclub names suggested to us.

Host: The Philippines is known for our tourists spots. If given a longer chance to stay here, which tourist spot would like to visit?

Baek Hyun: I would like to go to Baguio because we heard it has fresh air and good environment, so we would like to go there with the members and relax and think about our holiday.

Host: For tonight’s show, what is EXO K’s promise to your adoring Filipino fans?

Baek Hyun: We’ve been acting as EXO but especially for today, we are just EXO-K. We expect that we’ll have fun on the show and hoping you guys will have fun too. Thank you so much, EXO-K!

Chan Yeol: Mahal ko kayo!





SHINee. Photo by Celine of PKCI.


Boy, did the Philippines miss SHINee! All eyes were set on the entrance awaiting for the boys’ arrival. As each member came in, we all took in how mature looking Onew, Taemin, Jonghyun and Key have become donning black and white ensemble for their press conference. Four years of waiting was all worth it!


Host: This is your 2nd visit in the Philippines, how do you feel now that you’re back on stage singing for your Filipino fans?

Key: We are super excited to be here and to meet the fans once again. We’re excited for the concert, and we’re going to have a great one tonight.

Host: Now that you’re back in the Philippines, is there a specific place or Filipino food in the Philippines you’ve been longing to visit or try to eat?

Jonghyun: I haven’t tried sinigang, but I would love to try it. I would love to go to Cebu and Boracay.

Host: What one word would you use to describe all your Filipino fans?

Taemin: Namu (tree). Because you guys have been waiting for so long and waiting for us patiently. Tree would be one word to describe the Filipino fans.

Host: Gaining all the success and receiving a lot of love from your fans all over the world, if you were to meet your old selves back in 2008, what would you advise him?

Onew: I would like to say, “Stay healthy and eat a lot of yummy food.”

Host: I would like to direct this to Key. Your fashion sense has drastically evolved through the years and people have been commenting a lot about it. How would you describe your own fashion sense and style?

Key: Myself? I think I’m trying to show my identity through my fashion, maybe.

Host: Can I direct this to Mr. Onew? You’re appearing on a sitcom these days. How do you feel about it?

Onew: It’s my first time to try acting, so I’m trying hard to be on the same level as the other actors.

Host: The next question is directed to Mr. Jonghyun. You’ve written the lyrics for the songs on SHINee’s 3rd album. Can you explain a little bit about the lyrics?

Jonghyun: I’ve written two songs in the album. One is about one-sided love, and the next one is about missing someone. He has written the songs while looking at the moon.

Host: What are you planning on the show tonight?

Taemin: We prepared a little gift for all the fans. I hope you guys enjoy it. Although Minho isn’t here tonight, I hope you guys understand he’s doing something else.


How was the concert, guys? Reply to this post your KPOP REPUBLIC 2013 experience! We would love to hear how fun it was with CRISPI CRUNCH, SOONMI OF APRIL KISS, DAL SHABET, EXO-K and SHINee! ^^ Until next time!



September 8th, 2013

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