Gear Up for #SS5MANILA!

Gear Up for #SS5MANILA!


By  Narilyn Marquez
SJUPH Head Marketing Ad Hoc, Public Relations External

Super Junior is the first South Korean group to have a concert in the Philippines, held in Araneta Coliseum back in 2010. They performed in the same venue again for SS3 the year after. Having sold out concerts from all over the globe, Super Junior comes back to Manila for Super Show 5. This month, fans who have been waiting for almost 2 years will finally get to see their idols again or get a chance to see them for the first time. From topping the charts in local music channels or their locally released albums hitting the gold status, these boys have proven that they are worth the wait, and definitely worth the hype. Fans will surely not be disappointed, and so will be the boys. For SS5 Manila, SJUPH (Super Junior United Philippines) has come up with different projects to show their love and support for these much adored boys. Aside from the FOOD SUPPORT (which was successful during SS3 Manila), SJUPH has prepared two more projects, namely ‘So I’ and the ‘Blue Wedding.’

The ‘Blue Wedding’ project according to SJUPH, “aims to create an atmosphere of love between the fans and Super Junior during the song, Marry U. This project will be a simulation of a mass wedding wherein fangirls are encouraged to wear flower crowns while fanboys wear a necktie or bowtie with a blue and white motif.”

Super Junior’s Marry U ment has gotten a lot of attention during their concerts. Many projects have been done by different fans all over the world. In fact, during SS2 Manila, SJUPH gave out white handkerchiefs for the fans to raise during the song. This year, SJUPH’s idea would be different since it asks all fans to wear a flower crown or a necktie to show their undying love for the boys. Not only that, the fans are asked to do different tasks, depending on where they are seated. For those in the general admission, they will wave their blue lightsticks during the song, for those seated in the upper box area, they will raise their banners, forming a special message for the boys, as for the fans seated in the lower box area, they will throw petals or confetti on the stage at the end of the song, finally, for those in the VIP area, they will hold blue-stemmed roses which they will offer to the boys at the end of the song. Everyone is encouraged to participate for the success of this project.



For SJUPH’s encore project, a banner which says “Always Yours, Philippine E.L.F” will be given out by SJUPH for all the fans to raise during the chorus of ‘So I.’ This banner is colored blue with white text to create an effect, an illusion, if you may, of a night sky full of stars. After the boys take a bow at the end of the song, everyone is asked “to take a bow for a good 10 seconds” which will symbolize the heartfelt gratitude of the fans towards Super Junior.

These projects, of course, to be succesful, cannot be done by SJUPH alone. They are still in need of monetary donations for the banners and the food support. For more information, you may visit their site, or their facebook page: You may also contact them in their twitter account: @sjunitedph

Aside from these projects, individual fanclubs have come up with different projects to make each member feel special. Banners for KRY (ForeverKYuPH, RyeongPH, CloudsPH), Super Junior’s leader Leeteuk (Teuk Angels PH), Heechul (PetalsPH), Yesung (CloudsPH and Woonvoice), first time to perform in Manila – Kangin (Prection Kangin PH), Shindong (Shin’s Friends PH), EunhyuK (AllRisePH), Donghae (Starfish PH), Siwon (Captain Shiwonest PH), Ryeowook (RyeongPH), Kyuhyun (ForeverKyuPH), Henry (Strings with Henry) will be given out to be raised during particular ments. Fans of Zhoumi await Honeys PH’s details regarding the “sweet surprise” project. Also, Starfish PH and Strings with Henry have prepared birthday projects for Donghae and Henry, respectively. Certainly, these projects would not be successful if fans would not participate! As the date gets nearer, it is better to be prepared than never.

Here are a few things one must have during the concert:

  1. BLUE LIGHTSTICK! (It does not matter if it’s imported, local, fan made or orignal, as long as it’s blue, it’s a go!);
  2. Your valuables (You better keep all your valuables attended, also, do not bring big bags with lots of stuff as SM Arena staff may not permit it inside);
  3. Banners/ Flower Crown/Tie (Be sure that you are in the know of all the projects, especially the ones for your bias and for all the members, and spread the word!);
  4. Memorized FAN CHANTS (It’s different from memorizing the song) and;
  5. A full stomach (Food and drinks will not be allowed inside)! Better gear up and get your tonsils and eyes ready as these boys will surely blow your mind! See you there!

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October 18th, 2013

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