Fil-Am Style Director Talks About Korean Fashion

Fil-Am Style Director Talks About Korean Fashion

Over 100 fashionistas and Korean fashion aficionados trooped to the Korean Cultural Center (KCC) in the Philippines yesterday, May 29, to attend a free lecture on Korean fashion by Sarah Kate Watson-Baik, a Fil-Am style director in Korea and host of Korean fashion and lifestyle show, “K-Style.

An event co-organized by the Philippine K-pop Committee, Inc. (PKCI), stylist RJ Roque, and editor Dianne Pineda, supported by KCC, the free two-hour lecture gave the audience an overview of Korean fashion.

Dressed in a colorful Lie Sang Bong dress, which she admitted is her favorite, Watson-Baik started her talk with an introduction of her life and her inspirations for her designs that introduced her design background to the audience.

KoreanFashionBYSarahWatsonBaik (23)

Sarah Kate Watson-Baik at the Korean fashion talk held at KCC on May 29. Photo by Erika Paulino.


KoreanFashionBYSarahWatsonBaik (22)

Sarah Kate Watson-Baik talking about the current trends in K-pop fashion. Photo by Erika Paulino.

She then followed an in-depth talk on how Korean fashion, especially K-pop style, works.  “The thing with K-fashion is you curate something very well then you turn it up very high,” said Watson-Baik. 

With her love for fashion, she shared what’s currently hot in the Korean fashion industry and the excitement and energy of the audience couldn’t be contained especially when Watson-Baik showed photos of K-pop artists that members of the audience like.

“Korea is all about trends,” according to Watson-Baik, she mentioned the following looks that are very popular in Korea right now:  street style (Hip Hop influences), snap back , mix match, sporty, see-through, black and white, lettering, and flower pattern.

She then showed a couple of slides featuring the ongoing trends and dissected each look, telling the audience how to make the look work for them.

Towards the end of her talk, she talked about the various fashion designers in Korea and how their styles are. She mentioned her favorite designers and introduced to the audience some of their collections. The designers she mentioned include the famous Lie Sang Bong and Kye.

After the lecture, Watson-Baik made time to answer questions from the audience.

Here are some of the questions and answers:
*note: This is not a verbatim transcript of the Q&A portion.

Question: Can you describe SM entertainment’s fashion?
Sarah Kate Watson-Baik: They are theme fashion fanatic. They are very much group oriented when it comes to style. They usually use clothes that are easy for people to try and wear and it’s basically for the mass audience.

Question: What is your design process?
SKWB: Pre-research first. I like going to museums and looking at magazines then I think of something. And then I would re-research, lay it out, and then re-design. It’s trial and error.

Question: What is your advice for designers who are inspired by Korea?
SKWB: Know who you are, your roots. Do not be someone else, and stay on top of contemporary trends.

Question: You came here for the Philippine Fashion Week. What are your expectations in the Philippines?
SKWB: I have no idea what to expect in the Philippines that’s why I came here. I am looking for designers that have designs that I like and I am really not expecting anything.

Question: What is your advice for someone who wants to try to be in the Korean industry?
SKWB:  Keep going and be social. Work hard, play hard.

The highly informative talk on Korean fashion surely gave each member of the audience something to take home. The counselor of the KCC, Director Oh, even appointed Watson-Baik as honorary ambassador of KCC.

After the talk, the audience huddled up beside Watson-Baik for a group shot. Later, each of the fans lined up to take pictures with the style director.

KoreanFashionBYSarahWatsonBaik (65)

The audience with Sarah Kate Watson-Baik after the talk on Korean fashion at KCC last May 29. Photo by Erika Paulino.

KoreanFashionBYSarahWatsonBaik (63)

Sarah Kate Watson-Baik received a token of appreciation from KCC’s Director Oh. Photo by Erika Paulino.

KoreanFashionBYSarahWatsonBaik (40)

A Korean fashion aficionado gifted Sarah Kate Watson-Baik a sketch she personally made. Photo by Erika Paulino.

KoreanFashionBYSarahWatsonBaik (1)

Lecture on Korean fashion by Sarah Kate Watson-Baik at KCC on May 29. Photo by Erika Paulino.

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May 30th, 2014

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