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FAQs: Kpop Charity Ball with 2NE1

FAQs: Kpop Charity Ball with 2NE1

We know everyone’s excited for the concert and the Kpop Charity Ball with 2NE1! Read the answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions about the event below!


#KpopCharityBallWith2NE1 FAQ

1. Is there still an “AFTER PARTY”? 

– NO more “after party” BUT we have the “Kpop Charity Ball with 2NE1” instead! Same club vibe where you’ll get to dance to K-pop songs (especially 2NE1’s!) and see 2NE1 too!

2. What is a Kpop Charity Ball? What can we expect exactly? 

– A Kpop Charity Ball is your Kpop Night with a twist— it’s an event with the same clubbing vibe where you can dance and let loose to the hottest Kpop music all night and enjoy drinks with other Kpop enthusiasts under the hot laser lights, except this time we’ve got 2NE1 to spice up the night and part of the proceeds will go to PKCI’s Student Beneficiaries!

Expect a full night of endless Kpop songs, a short program and flowing drinks (for those 18 and above, of course)!

3. I bought the Ultimate Blackjack (UBJ) Package from Pulp. Do I still have to buy a ticket for the #KpopCharityBallwith2NE1? 

– NO. The people who bought the Ultimate Blackjack Package from Pulp will get FREE entrance to the #KpopCharityBallwith2NE1. The UBJ tickets will have stubs for FREE RIDE and K-Pop Charity Ball. Present the stubs when you get your FREE SHUTTLE RIDE from MoA Arena to Solaire (available at the lobby as soon as you enter the venue) and before you enter the #KpopCharityBallwith2NE1 venue.

4. I didn’t buy the Ultimate Blackjack Package from Pulp but I have an UPPERBOX/LOWERBOX/VIP ticket. Can I still go to the #KpopCharityBallwith2NE1? 

– YES, of course! But you would have to buy a ticket to the #KpopCharityBallwith2NE1 worth PhP 2,100.

5. I cannot watch All or Nothing Concert in Manila. Can I still go to the #KpopCharityBallwith2NE1? 

– YES, of course! The #KpopCharityBallwith2NE1 is open to everyone. No prior concert ticket purchase required. Those who didn’t get to watch the concert can definitely go here and see 2NE1 too!

6. I didn’t watch the concert but I am going to the #KpopCharityBallwith2NE1. Can I ride the free shuttle to SOLAIRE? 

– NO. The free shuttle service is only available to those who will watch the concert at Mall of Asia Arena.

7. I will watch the concert and go to the #KpopCharityBallwith2NE1 too. I’m worried that I can’t go to Solaire right away. Can you help? 

– OF COURSE! There will be FREE SHUTTLE TRANSFERS for all attendees of the #KpopCharityBallwith2NE1 who will also watch the concert. Just get your straps at the MoA Arena Lobby as soon as you enter the venue. Remember: NO STRAP, NO FREE RIDE.

FYI the free shuttle is only from MOA to Solaire. It will not go back to MOA at the end of the night.

8. Do I have to be 18 years old to attend the #KpopCharityBallwith2NE1? 

– NOT REALLY. MINORS ARE ALLOWED to attend and dance the night away however, ONLY THOSE 18 YRS OLD & ABOVE can purchase alcohol at the bar.

9. Is there a dress code? 

– NO strict dress code but we encourage everyone to “DRESS TO IMPRESS”.

10. How much is the ticket to #KpopCharityBallwith2NE1 and where can I get it? 

– One (1) ticket to the #KpopCharityBallwith2NE1 is PhP 2,100 (inclusive of ticketing charge) and will be available at soon.

11. I’ll be very hungry if I rush to Solaire after the concert. Will there be food and drinks at the #KpopCharityBallwith2NE1? 

– YES! Food and drinks will be available for sale at the ballroom.

12. Can we take pictures with 2NE1? 

– We cannot assure this.

13. Will WINNER be at the #KpopCharityBallwith2NE1 too? 

– No official announcement from management as of May 13, 2014.

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May 13th, 2014

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