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CassPH Successfully Holds 11G “Wasurenaide…Tsuzuku”

CassPH Successfully Holds 11G “Wasurenaide…Tsuzuku”

Over 200 Filipino TVXQ and JYJ fans gathered at the Marc 2000 Penthouse for an afternoon filled with fun as Cassiopeia Philippines (CassPH) held its 11th gathering–or 11G–dubbed, “Wasurenaide…Tsuzuku,” last June 7.

The event was highly anticipated not only by the members of CassPH but by the core members as well as it has been two years since CassPH’s last gathering. The 11th gathering is said to be CassPH’s last gathering for the mean time considering that the TVXQand JYJ members are set to enter the military this year.

As the fanclub has tried to outdo each of their previous gatherings in the past years by making it bigger each time, the fanclub has decided to bring this year’s gathering “back to basics” and held a gathering the way they used to back in the days when the fanclub was just starting–by renting an intimate space, having performances by fanclub members, and just making the event a fun one where the fanclub members can enjoy and have fun.

Fans started lining up as early as 12 noon but they were only let inside the venue by 2 p.m.The participants had time to walk around the penthouse before the program started a little over 2:30 p.m.



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Some fans checked out the CassPH merch booth which sold originally designed shirts, keychains, and bags while some other fans flocked to the “merch buffet” where members got to sell their brand new and old TVXQ and JYJ merchandise.


Participants also had their fill of yummy red velvet crinkles called “Cass Crinkles” and sugar cookies called “Toho cookies” which they washed down with coffee dubbed as “Elixir of the Gods” at “Jaejoong’s Pastry Lab by Toho Cafe.”


Because the event also was a post-birthday celebration for Park Yoochun, a message booth for the celebrant also encouraged the fans to write their message and greetings for Park Yoochun.



By 3 p.m., the program hosted by CassPH Core members Ron Lita and Pao Ebora started. Games such as “Paint me a .gif” and the classic “Bring Me” made the participants get to know and have fun with each other.


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The co-ed dance group “Code Red” made up of TVXQ and JYJ fans also got the participants excited through their dance performances of various hit songs such as “Choosey Lover,” “O Jung.Ban.Hap,” and “Spellbound.“Code Red the Ballad,” which is composed of the lady singers of Code Red, also mesmerized the audience with their version of JYJ’s “Be Mine” and TVXQ’s “Mirotic.”

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Aside from the games and performances, the participants also got to enjoy a special video presentation that included performances from the members of TVXQ and JYJ’s group and solo activities. Carefully selected videos and clips from concerts and other performances were seamlessly combined to give the audience a different video experience. Fans couldn’t contain their screams and laughter as they watched the videos.




Towards the end of the program, a special cake was brought out to celebrate the birthday of Park Yoochun. Everyone sang the Korean birthday song and the host, Ron, who is known to be an avid Yoochun fan, did the honor of blowing the cake. The participants all huddled up for a group picture after.

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While some gatherings would usually end at that, CassPH continued their celebration by bringing back “Toho Night” where the fans had a grand time dancing and partying.

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Fans who attended the event all went home with smiles on their faces and immediately turned to post on social networking sites how much fun they had. Gel Icque posted on the event’s Facebook page: “I had so much fun on my first time na pagpunta ng gath (tho i’ve been a fan for 3 yrs)….My most fave part of the event is the “concert experience” Basta thank you so much!! ^^ Cassiopeia jjang!” Risa Ogawa, who was also a first timer, also posted on Facebook: “Thank you po! Sobrang saya ng first experince ko ng gathering. Sa uulitin po!”

It was definitely an event for the fangirl and fanboy books. CassPH has once again lived up to its promise of delivering the best gathering for the fanclub.

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Since 2006, Cassiopeia Philippines has been the premiere Philippine TVXQ/JYJ fanclub and continues to be one of the leading Kpop organizations in the country. Over the years, CassPH have organized some of the most notable events in the Kpop Community including the First Philippine Kpop Convention last Dec. 2009, an event that is the first of its kind in the world.

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June 18th, 2014

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