Aimee Lucas spends fun day with Gawad Kalinga-Sibol kids

Aimee Lucas spends fun day with Gawad Kalinga-Sibol kids

Aimee Lee Lucas, PKCI, Gawad Kalinga

Last October 10, 2013 was a memorable day both for the children of Gawad Kalinga-Sibol and choreographer Aimee Lee Lucas who, together with the Philippine Kpop Committee, Inc. (PKCI), enjoyed fun activities at the GK Pinagsama Village in Brgy. Pinagsama Phase 2, Taguig City.

Aimee, who was invited to come to Manila for a special dance class organized by PKCI, has a soft spot for children and has expressed great interest in helping out with PKCI’s charitable activities. With the help of the newly-elected PKCI officers and PKCI-affiliated fanclubs (2NE1PH, CassiopeiaPH, EpikHighPH, Oh Won Bin PH, AoAPH, JYJNation, ShineeWorldPH, SJUPH, J-EffectPH, TahitiPH, BTOBPH, JunielPH, ExoPH, A-JaxPH, NuestPH, JYJPH, ShinhwaPH, BeastPH), the Filipino-American choreographer was able to get in touch with the children of Gawad Kalinga-Sibol through a humble gathering wherein she was able to donate her earnings from the event.

The day started off early for the fanclub representatives and the PKCI officers who were all geared up for the busy day ahead. However, tiring as the countless tasks for the day might have been, their dedication and willingness to spend time with the Gawad Kalinga-Sibol kids prevailed as they prepared gift bags, food, and a fun program for all the children present at the event.

The event started with a dance number from Marianne Enriquez, a representative of 2NE1PH. Marianne danced to the songs of 2NE1 and Girls’ Generation which hyped up the children. This was followed by a joint prayer that formally opened the event.

PKCI’s very own Kring Elenzano, who has also been hosting the PKCI events throughout the years, hosted the event as well. Once she introduced Aimee Lucas to the kids, everyone in the room got very excited and all eyes were glued to Aimee as she spoke.

Aimee Lee Lucas, PKCI, Gawad Kalinga

One of the highlights and the most awaited part of the program was the games. The children had chances to play and goof off with Aimee. A total of five games were played by Aimee together with the children.

First up was the “Musical Chairs wherein Aimee danced around the chairs together with the children, enjoying every beat. The smile on her face could have reached the heavens as she seemed to be really having fun. Although the language barrier proved to be a challenge to Aimee as she is not fluent with the Filipino language, a sincere and genuine smile on her face was enough to communicate to the children how much she enjoyed playing with them.

The next game was the ever-so-famous “Stop, Dance which took a while because the children who participated were all really good and could easily catch up with the impressive dance moves of Aimee.

The third game which also ended the first half of the program was the game called “The Boat is Sinking. Despite the fact that the children’s energies were slowly getting drained, they were still eager to play together with Aimee.

Aimee Lee Lucas, PKCI, Gawad Kalinga

Right before the children took their snacks which were prepared by PKCI, Aimee, and the fanclubs, the children delightfully performed an interpretative dance to the song “Tell The World of His Love”. Watching the children sing and dance their hearts out to such a beautiful song awed Aimee and everyone present in the event. After the interpretative dance, everyone’s tummies were already growling and it was the perfect time to serve the snacks. The children bonded together with everyone as they ate the food they were given. A satisfied look on each child’s face was very evident as well. After the snack time, came the time to play more games.

The fourth game called “Longest Word” challenged the kids’ lung capacity as they each tried to best each other on who could hold their breath longest while saying “Thank you, Ate Aimee”.

The last and final game was “Bring Me” which brought out the children’s competitive sides. The children showed no signs of fatigue as they all willingly and happily participated in the game.

Aimee Lee lucas, Gawad Kalinga

Everyone wanted to play even more games but there simply wasn’t enough time left anymore for that day. The children were a bit sad because the day was about to end however, Aimee brought back smiles on their faces as she gave away gift bags which contained different school supplies perfect for their school needs, ending the program on a good note and leaving even more memories for them.




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October 17th, 2013

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