A (not) short but sweet THANK YOU note from PKCI to everyone who made Kpop Con 5 happen~^^♥

A (not) short but sweet THANK YOU note from PKCI to everyone who made Kpop Con 5 happen~^^♥

Is it really over? Did it really happen? We know it’s already been a few days since the 5th Philippine Kpop Convention has ended but it still hasn’t sunk in to us that wewere able to outdo ourselves once again and pulled off the biggest and the grandest Kpop Con yet! Without a doubt, the successful Kpop Con 5 was the highlight of PKCI’s year and as we bid we bid the year 2013 goodbye, we can’t help but count our blessings.


First off, we’re very thankful tothe over 50 fanclubs that have been a vital part of PKCI and the Kpop Con sinceday one. We have been partners since the very first staging of Kpop Con in 2009 and we’re very grateful to have their continuous support in all our activities,especially the annual Kpop Con. We would also like to thank our new member fanclubs for supporting our cause and joining us in uniting the Filipino K-pop fans. To 100% Philippines, 2NE1Philippines, 2oneday Philippines, 4Minute Philippines, A-light Philippines, A-pink Philippines, Afterschool Philippines, AOA Philippines, Aura Philippines, B1A4 Philippines, Bangtan Philippines, Bap Philippines, Bigbang Philippines, Block B Philippines, Boyfriend Philippines, BTOB Philippines, C-real Philippines, Cassiopeia Philippines, CN Blue Philippines, Co.ed Philippines, Crown Philippines, Eels Philippines, EXO Philippines, F.cuz Philippines, Girls Generation Philippines, G.Na Philippines, HelloVenus Philippines, Infinite Philippines, IU Philippines, JunielPhilippines, JYJ Philippines, Kara Philippines, LC9 Philippines, Lee Hi PH, Miss A Ph, Mpire Philippines, Myname Philippines, Nu’est Philippines, Oh Wonbin Philippines, Perfection Philippines, Primadonna Philippines, Rainbow Philippines, Secret Time Philippines, ShineWorld Philippines, Shinhwa Philippines, Sistar Philippines, Super Junior Philippines, Supernova Philippines, T-ara Philippines, Tahiti Philippines, Tasty Twins Philippines, Teen Top Philippines, Triple S Philippines, U-Kiss Philippines, VIXX Philippines, and last but definitely not the least,WonderGirls Philippines…thank you very much. We really cherish the relationship we have with each of youand we look forward to working with you on our events this 2014 and the yearsto come. Cheers to the Filipino K-pop community!


Next, we would like to thank PULP Live World, Mr. Vernon Go and Ms. Happee Sy, for believing in PKCI and helping us take this year’s Kpop Con to a totally new level. You made us stronger and helped us do things we only dared to imagine and dream of in the past. Thank you for helping us give the Filipino K-pop community an event that is really one for the fangirl/fanboy books. We would also like to send our sincere gratitude to our major sponsor Standard Appliances and our sponsor, Korean fashion brand Basic House, who have supported us for the second year now. Thank you for once again believing in our cause and helping us put up another epic Kpop Con.


To our partner beneficiaries, Gawad Kalinga and the Philippine Animal Welfare Society, thank you very much for being our partners for five years now. Thank you for working with us and believing that the Filipino K-pop community can do so much more as citizens of the Philippines.


We would alsolike to thank the Korean Cultural Center in the Philippines and theKorea Tourism Organization Office in Manila for their support to PKCI and the KpopCon. Thank you for supporting us in inspiring the Filipino K-pop fans and granting their dreams of visiting South Korea, the land of kimchi and most importantly, their favorite K-pop groups.


PKCI would alsolike to thank SMX Convention Center, our biggest venue yet, for providing us a safe and great venue for Kpop Con 5. Thank yous are also in order to our official music retailer Astroplus, and our record label partners Universal Records, Warner Music and Polyeast Records. We would also like to thank our media partners,Myx , ABS-CBNSparkling Magazine, and the Manila Korean Times as well as theBicol Kpop Convention, Kpub BBQ, Kogi Bulgogi, Freohlich Tours and Anime Alliance Philippines.


Our “thank yous” also go out to Ms. CherishManingat and Mr. Jasper Kim Hyojong who have helped us in translating during the event and at the interviews of our guest Korean artists, as well as to Mr. Fritz Tentativa for his always awesome photography services. We are also very grateful to our guest speakers and teachers—Dancer/Choreographer Ms. Phoi Chan, Beauty Blogger Ms. Marge Tan, Fashion Stylist Mr. RJ Roque, KpopStar Hunt winners Rince Cajucom, Sheila Eunice Ona, and Nega Network Trainee April Matienzo, Dancer/Choreographer/Former JYP Trainee Dasuri Choi, Korean Teacher Ms. Sarah Domingo-Lipura, Filipino-Korean Kim Hyo-Jong, Vocal Trainor Choi Ae-Joo, and Dancer/Choreographer/Former G-Force Member Vincent Igno—who have all generously shared their knowledge and talent to the Kpop Con 5 participants. We would also like to send our gratitude to the over 50 concessionaires who have once again trusted us and our event.


PKCI would also like to thank the fangirls and fanboys who selflessly and tirelessly gave their time and effort in helping out PKCI by becoming this year’s Kpop Con Volunteers. We know how hard it is to juggle work and studies with planning and doing Kpop Con-related work on the side, so we really appreciate all the help that you gave us, Wilma Almendras, Via Marie Claire Baroma, Elai Blando,Jamy Boniol, Berna Casillan, Ana Cruz, Eason De Guzman, Juli Datu, SteffiDayrit, Kristine Delgado, Dianne Francesca, Jenna Giron, Jahdi Leanillo, Kenneth May Madregalejo, Em Manuel, Karen Nicolas, Erika Paulino, Angelica Ruar, Frances Sanchez, Angela Solquillo, Katrina Aquino, Renalyn regaspi, Shiary Berdin and Chesca Tan. You all are very passionate and hardworking volunteers, we salute you!


We would also like to thank this year’s PKCI officersPresident Daichy Duba (2NE1Philippines), Vice President Bryan Yan (Tahiti Philippines), Secretary Argel Miralles (SJ United Philippines), Assistant Secretary Jesmah Mananquil (WonderGirls Philippines), Internal Committee Head Kathryn Koo (Miss A Philippines),External Committee Head Jay Juan (Jay Effect Philippines), and PR and Marketing Head Riva Javier (BTOB Philippines)—for a job very well done! Thank you very much for doing your best. You are a great part of Kpop Con 5’s success! Last but not the least, we would like to thank the Philippine K-pop Community for your continuous support in our annual event. YOU, dear fangirls and fanboys, are one of the reasons why we always strive to make our events better and grander than the last. Thank you for believing and supporting our cause and showing that we could do so much more as fangirls and fanboys.


As we write this thank you note, we can’t help but be filled with gratitude as we see all these people who have all contributed to the success of the Kpop Con 5. We are truly blessed to have had this opportunity to work with all these wonderful people.


With the passing of the  first day of 2014 and this thank you note almost complete, we are finally starting to come to realize that Kpop Con 5,the biggest event of our 2013, is really over. We are filled with bittersweet memories of the event we all worked so hard for. But as the new year ushers in, we are also looking forward to the next challenges aka events (especially KpopCon 6!) that are waiting for us. We sincerely wish that you’ll walk with us every step of the way this 2014, as you have had in the past years. Once again, thank you very much and we hope for your continuous support! Cheers!


With much love ♥,


The PKCI Core Team Celine // Daichy // Edward // Julie // Kring // Lisa // Mirza // Mish // Mishi// Pao // Tintin


Photo taken at the Kpop Con 5 by Ms. Analyn Perez of GMA News Online. Thank you po! <3

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January 6th, 2014

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