2017 Gangjin  Kpop: M Super Concert


October 21, 2017 – The first Kpop Concert to attend on our Kpop Familiarization Tour last October 20-24 was the Gangjin Kpop: M Super Concert. To be honest, most of us don’t know where Gangjin is and how far the travel would be but that’s all part of the excitement.

We needed to leave early morning since it was the weekend and the traffic was unpredictable. We were told that families love to head out of Seoul too for vacation or picnic and we also had an afternoon activity that requires leisure time.

Gangjin is actually down south of Korea and we had plenty of bus time to rest. The bus ride was literally long but in between us drifting to sleep and the rest stops, we were able to enjoy Korea’s autumn view and what seemed like an endless rice field along the way.

Prior to the concert, we did our research about it but there was not much articles out especially which artists were confirmed to perform. At the least we were sure we will see Wanna One and BAP!

We got to the Gangjin Sports Complex and to our reserved seats with just enough time before the show started. Thankful that we were in the seated zone and, yes, near the stage! And although the weather was freezing cold since it’s an open field – the anticipation made it feel warmer!

The show’s MC, Rapper Dindin, opened the show and it was just the start of the party! Finally, we learned about the artist line-up consisted of Kassy, Miso,Wanna One, Sonamoo, Laboum,  BAP, and B1A4.

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It was like watching a music show in 4D and as much as we want to take pictures/videos – most of the delegates just enjoyed the performances…though we kept on wondering how the artists cope up with the cold with  their thin clothes.

Still, the girl performers like Sonamoo and Laboum gave all their girlish charms. New faces, Kassy and Miso gave their serene and sexy performances respectively.

BAP and B1A4 were crowd favorites as they sang their old and new hits – obviously having fun with the crowd. Although, both boy groups have been in the Philippines a lot of times already, it was still pleasing to see them on stage over and over again.

The boys of Wanna One then shook the stage when it was their turn. The crowd literally went wild and there was just non-stop cheering for them especially when they performed “Pick Me” (Nayana).


Our Gangjin experience as a whole was incredible which was highlighted by the Kpop Concert. From a foreigners point of view, the concert was a success and worth the long travel to see some of the most sought after Kpop Idols –  and it’s definitely memorable.

Gangjin is a really beautiful place – peaceful and full of nature’s wonders. It’s actually great that they are starting to bring in Kpop Concerts to invite people to visit them. But with or without such event, it’s still a place worth to check out for those who seek serenity in their trips.



The 2017 K-pop International Fan Network Familiarization Trip was organized by the Korea Tourism Organization and invites from the Korea Tourism Organization in Manila. Thank you for making this happen. #imagineyourkorea #KTO #KTOManila

Andhie To


Andhie To

November 10th, 2017

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