2017 Busan One Festival : Opening Ceremony

20171022_204932October 22, 2017 – The most anticipated day on the tour was the trip to Busan. From Yeosu, the team took the bus early morning and headed to Busan. Yes, no “Train to Busan” since we’re not coming from Seoul. We were given an energy source for lunch – 삼계탕– and a few hours of free time at the Busan International Film Festival (BIFF) Street. We have a limited time to kill since we also needed to head out to the concert venue for the Busan One Festival  by 3PM in order to get good spots in the Mosh Pit. [Yep, the most pit!]

As we neared the Busan Stadium, we were able to see the long lines of attendees outside the stadium. No doubt about the popularity of the annual event! There was too much walking until we got in to our zone and it actually added to the building excitement as we anticipate how the stage would look like. We can’t help but have the same amazed reaction upon seeing the stage, what more when we were nearer and stepped on a part of it to be able to get in our designated pit!


We actually waited for hours since the concert will start by 7PM but the cold weather just as perfect as the concert. Meaning, no waiting under a scorching sun and still feeling refreshed despite the burning minutes. It was actually a moment for us to get to know more about each other and/or make new friends among the other foreign concert attendees.

The artist line up alone was incredible: we got to see GFriend, Wanna  One, Nuest W,  NCT 127, Black Pink, Ikon, BAP, Apink, GOT 7, Momoland, SF9, and Sechskies. It was a mix of old and new Kpop groups, giving variety on the whole show.

The stage was grand, so are the performance gimmick of each group – like which part of the stage they’d be coming out, or who has collaborations, or which side will they be facing. You will never know also who will be performing next but it was fun to guess who would just pop out from the stage.20171022_193830 20171022_18061120171022_194450 20171022_200410The last performer was Sechskies and it actually felt like it was their concert for their fans. One section was filled with their fans and it was just amazing how much it made the night special.  The show ended with fireworks and confetti, completing the concert experience.

20171022_180537 20171022_203641

Pictures and words are not enough to give justice on how much fun the concert was.

One has to be there personally and take home that ‘WOW’ experience.



The 2017 K-pop International Fan Network Familiarization Trip was organized by the Korea Tourism Organization and invites from the Korea Tourism Organization in Manila. Thank you for making this happen. #imagineyourkorea #KTO #KTOManila2017

Andhie To


Andhie To

November 11th, 2017

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