2013 Korean Film Festival: New Wave of Korean Cinema

2013 Korean Film Festival: New Wave of Korean Cinema

2013 Korean Film Festival New Wave of Korean Cinema


It seems anything Korean or commonly known as the Hallyu Wave is in these days especially in the Philippines. From soap operas, restaurants, beauty products, to concert scenes, Korean culture definitely won the hearts of the Filipinos. Who could forget Koreanovelas like the Endless Love series, Full House and Stairway to Heaven which started the wave of putting the Philippine media industry into a mesmerizing spell? Up to now, Korean TV dramas are still in hype for the interest of Filipino viewers or audiences.

The Korean Wave, also known as Hallyu (한류) in Korea coined in mid-1999 by Beijing journalists which came from two root-words, Han (한) refers to Korea, and Ryu (류) means “to flow” or “wave.” Hallyu refers to the phenomenon of Korean entertainment and popular culture rolling over the world with pop music, TV dramas, and movies.

2003, Korea started to invade the Philippines from pop music (K-pop), television dramas (K-drama), and movies (K-movies). The enthusiasm has often led to Hallyu fans craving other Korean cultural content and Korean language education. The booming presence and enjoyment of Korean popular culture has also transformed into preference for other Korean products and lifestyles alike. Korean culture has certainly infiltrated the Philippines. Jjampong and kimchi are now familiar dishes to Filipinos. Korean spas, salons, stores and restaurant can be spotted everywhere. Not to be outdone is the Korean music, better known as Kpop. Thanks to YouTube, Korean cable TV and music download, Filipinos are exposed to Korea’s finest singers and groups. Pinoys love watching Korean Idols sing and dance. Even though it is sung in Korean language and could not be understood by many, still it became hit especially to kids and teens.

Truly, Hallyu is indeed a phenomenon in the Philippines and last year the first Hallyu Forum was held that focused mainly on the Korean Wave in the Philippines. In line for the seventh Korean Festival comes the second Hallyu Forum which emphasized both Korea and Philippine Film cinema. The forum is entitled “Connections, Convergence and Cooperation,” which aims to build and strengthen the cooperation between Korea and Philippines in terms of film industry, and also to promote the 2013 Korean Film Festival. Since Korean Wave’s strong force lapses to the shore of the hearts and interest of the Filipinos, the Korean government establishes centers abroad to promote and widen the knowledge and appreciation of Korean culture to a larger scale of people.

There will be six films that will be screened for the 2013 Korean Film Festival of the Korean Cultural Center on September 18 until October 10 in selected SM cinemas across the country. The screening will be systematic. For the Manila screening, it will be from September 18 to 22 at SM Megamall, to be followed by screenings in SM City Iloilo from September 26 to 29. Best way to spend the October in Cebu, the screening in SM City Cebu will be on October 3 to 6, for its final showing at SM Lanang Premier in Davao save the dates October 10 to 13.

The Korean Film Festival will start with a top-grossing film A Werewolf Boy, led by popular actor Song Joong-Ki (commonly known as Kang Maru in “Innocent Man”). The fantasy romance film is about a girl trying to befriend and attempts to civilize a feral boy or a wolf boy” developing to an affectionate relationship.

The animated film Green Days, voiced by Park Shin Hye (best known for her leading

roles in dramas like “You’re Beautiful,” “Heartstrings”), Song Chang Eui and Oh Yeon Soo will also be shown in the festival. The movie for all ages that focuses on the keeping up and aspiring for your dreams.

Currently the fourth highest grossing Korean film of all time with 12.3 million tickets sold, it swept the 49th Grand Bell Awards, winning in 15 categories, including Best Film, Director, Screenplay and Actor. Masquerade, a South Korean historical film starring Lee Byung-hun in dual roles as the bizarre King Gwanghae and the humble acrobat Ha-sun, who stands in for the monarch when he faces the threat of being poisoned.

In Sunny, film about a middle-aged woman, Na-mi who tries to fulfill her friend, Chun-hwa’s dying wish of reuniting their group of high school friends or members of their called group Sunny. The movie won Best Director and Best Editing at the Daejong Film Awards. Actress Kang Sora won several awards for her role as the teenage Ha Chun-hwa.

A 2012 South Korean science fiction horror thriller film will also be featured during the Festival. In Deranged, an epidemic of drowning, with victims jumping into the river causes panic around the country which makes the government declare a state of emergency. Medical supplies salesman Jae-Hyuk, led by Kim Myung-Min, suspects his family to posses the symptoms of the drowning victims. Together with his brother, Detective Jae-Pil led by Kim Dong-Wan, they searched for the possible anecdote for the problem.

In Dancing Queen, a story about balancing important things and following your dreams and desire will be portrayed by a married couple, who in the in the midst of their normal lives decides to pursue their lost dreams. The husband finds himself accidentally running for Mayor of Seoul and his wife decides to become a pop singer. A film that demonstrates that age is just a number and that dreams can sometimes come true.

The 2013 Korean Film Festival in cooperation with the Korean Film Council (KOFIC), the Film Development Council of the Philippines (FDCP), the Korea Tourism Organization – Manila (KTO), the Korea Copyright Commissions, SM Cinema, SM Cinema Megamall, SM Cinema Lanang and LG will feature Contemporary trends in Korean Cinema for free. Yes, Admission is free.


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